Maroon Defeats Gold In Second Intrasquad Meet
Head coach Mike Burns and the Gophers held an intrasquad meet Saturday.

Dec. 10, 2011

In another hard fought battle, the Maroon team beat the Gold team by a score of 256.70 to 254.50. Both teams posted nearly a 10 point improvement from last week’s M&G I where the Maroon Team posted a 246.9 and Gold scored a 246.3.

“The big difference in today’s team scores was the pommel horse,” head coach Mike Burns said.

The Maroon team beat the Gold on the pommel horse by 2.8 points on the back of freshman phenom Ellis Mannon who swung to a personal best of 15.30.

“Ellis’ score puts him in a league by himself and should boost his confidence as the season rapidly approaches,” Burns said.

The Gold Team started on Floor Exercise where they posted three identical scores of 14.8 from DJ Repp, Josh Wokurka, and Harris Coleman for a team score of 44.40. The Maroon Team was competing on Pommel Horse at this time and Russell Dabritz added to Ellis’s score by posting a very solid 14.20. Freshman Sean Bauer was the third counting score for Maroon with a 13.4 on a well-executed routine.

Heading to the second round the Gold Team moved to the Pommel Horse and Maroon to the Floor Exercise. The bright spot for Gold on Pommel Horse was senior DJ Repp’s 14.0 to lead the Gold Team’s scoring efforts. Over on the Floor Exercise Maroon was a little behind Gold but not by much. Matt Frey posted a 14.80 while freshman Kyle Banks posted a career best of 14.7 and Sophomore Yoshi Morinishi added to the total with a 14.40.

Vault had been performed earlier in the week at Peik Gym and defending Big Ten Champion and Gold Team member Zack Chase continued his success by winning Vault with a score of 15.0. In the NCAA scoring this year the start values for all the vaults have been reduced a full point. The coaches association decided to reduce the start values this year to bring vault scores more in line with the other events and this should even the playing field out a bit on that event. DJ Repp, also of the Gold Team, performed a strong Kasamatsu with 1 ½ twists for a score of 14.8. The Gold Team scored 44.40 on Vault while Maroon ran into a few troubles and only posted a 43.00.

The Gold Team next moved to the Still Rings while Maroon went to Parallel Bars. Gold was led by sophomore Steffen Beck who posted a 14.20 and DJ Repp who was a close second with a 13.90. Freshman Steve Jaciuk was the third counting score for Gold with a solid 13.80. The Maroon was having continued success on the Parallel Bars with Russell Dabritz scoring a 14.90 on another great routine.

“Russell continues to show senior leadership in these pre-season events with solid hit sets,” Burns said.

Sophomore Matt Frey also swung a great set on parallel bars for a score of 14.60.

“Matt had to leave a few skills out of his routine while an injury to his elbow continues to heal,” Burns said. “He really has a great shot at putting some big scores up on the scoreboard for us this year.”

Ellis Mannon contributed to Maroon Team again with a counting score of 13.90.

The teams switched again with Gold heading to Parallel Bars and Maroon to the Still Rings. Gold team posted 4 solid scores in the 14’s with freshman Donnie Carper, and seniors DJ Repp and Ross Cameratta posting identical 14.0’s and freshman Steve Jaciuk won the event for Gold with a score of 14.1.

“Steve has a bright future here at Minnesota and he’s extremely competitive which is a great trait to have in this sport,” said Burns.

The Maroon Team continued to widen the gap on Gold with a meet winning score of 14.70 from 5th year senior Travis Heaver.

“Travis is currently in grad school where he is studying Electrical Engineering and he is really starting to distinguish himself as a serious contender on this event,” said Burns.

Right behind Travis was Dabritz, posting another solid 14.30 while freshman Jack Metcalf added another solid counting score of 13.60 for a routine that has potential to score much higher down the road.

The final event was the High Bar. It’s saved for last because it’s the most exciting event and there was definitely a fair share of excitement in today’s event. Freshman Kyle Banks was first up for Maroon and as he started his routine he ripped clean through his leather hand grips. Needless to say he needed to find another grip fast and he was put to the end of the lineup. Freshman Spencer Smith was next up and did a great job for Gold Team with a solid set that scored a career high 14.00.

“Spencer is a very elegant gymnast and when he gets his difficulty increased he can be a real factor for us on high bar,” said Burns.

Russell Dabritz posted another event winning score with a total of 14.20 to pace the Maroon Team. Ellis Mannon and Sean Bauer added counting scores of 13.5 and 13.2 respectively. The Gold Team had a few missed releases but Josh Wokurka and Ross Cameratta joined Spencer Smith with counting scores for Gold with 13.90 and 13.70 respectively.

The combined Team Score for the Gophers improved 11.50 points from last week’s intrasquad for a total of 345.50 so the Gophers are definitely making strides as the pre-season preparation rapidly comes to a close and the start of the competitive season is only a few short weeks away.





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