Mannon Finishes Second On Pommel Horse, Jaciuk Third On High Bar

April 6, 2013

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The Minnesota men's gymnastics team had six gymnasts compete in seven individual events on Saturday night in the individual event finals at the Big Ten Men's  Gymnastics Championships. The host Gophers were well represented by Ellis Mannon and Steve Jaciuk.

Mannon finished second on the pommel horse with a 14.900, while Jaciuk placed third on the high bar with a 15.000.

Mike Burns on Mannon's performance...
"When you get to the 10 best guys, every little blemish gets magnified and you need to be on your A+ game. And Ellis was there. He did a great routine and had a great weekend. He did two beautiful routines. Craig stood a little bit better today. He is a superstar on the pommel horse."

Burns on Jaciuk's performance...
"Steve had a few deductions. The judges do have a little sharper pencil this week because they do have to discern first, second and third. It does not take much to drop a spot. Steve did a nice routine. It was probably one of his top three or four routines this year. He has proven to the gymnastics community that he is a top-notch high bar guy. He was not the best guy tonight. Sam (Mikulak) was. Sam is an Olympian and has an amazing arsenal."

Burns on the Big Ten Men's Gymnastics Championships...
Last night, we did 30 routines and hit all 30. Tonight we did seven routines and hit all seven. As a coach, can I be greedy and ask for me? Absolutely. And I will. But I am really proud of what these guys did."

First Team All-Big Ten
Sam Mikulak (Michigan)
Adrian de los Angeles (Michigan)
Javier Balboa (Iowa)
Yoshi Mori (Illinois)
Felix Aronovich (Penn State)
Broderick Shemansky (Iowa)
Stacey Ervin (Michigan)
Craig Hernandez (Penn State)
Syque Caesar (Michigan)
Fred Hartville (Illinois)

Second Team All-Big Ten
Ellis Mannon (Minnesota)
Mike Wilner (Illinois)
Danny Steiner (Ohio State)
Louis Klein (Nebraska)


Floor Exercise
Stacey Ervin (Michigan)

Pommel Horse
Craig Hernandez (Penn State)

Still Rings
Javier Balboa (Iowa)

Fred Hartville (Illinois)

Parallel Bars
Syque Caesar (Michigan)

High Bar
Sam Mikulak (Michigan)

Gymnast of the Year
Sam Mikulak (Michigan)

Freshman of the Year
Trevor Howard (Penn State)

Coach of the Year
Kurt Golder (Michigan)

Logan Bradley (Illinois)
Eric Lofstrom (Iowa)
Stacey Ervin (Michigan)
Adam LaFleur (Minnesota)
Gabriel Jolley (Nebraska)
Drew Moling (Ohio State)
Scott Rosenthal (Penn State)


Pommel Horse
Ellis Mannon (Second, 14.900)
Harris Coleman (Seventh, 14.375)

Still Rings
Steve Jaciuk (Ninth, 14.350)
Jack Metcalf (Seventh, 14.825)

Parallel Bars
Matt Frey (Sixth, 14.450)

High Bar
Steve Jaciuk (Third, 15.000)
Daniel DiBenedetto (Sixth, 14.375)




Gophers Place Fifth at NCAA Championships


Minnesota earned its first top-five finish at the NCAA Championships since 2002, after scoring a 414.200 on Saturday night.

Gophers Advance to Second-Straight NCAA Finals


Minnesota has advanced to team finals at the NCAA Championships for the second-straight year after scoring a 420.100 in the preliminary session.

Meeker Added to Incoming Class


Minnesota men’s gymnastics program welcomes Henry Meeker of Minneapolis, Minn. to the Class of 2021. Meeker has signed an Acceptance of Admission, and will join the Gophers this fall.

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