NCAA Recruiting Guidelines

NCAA Recruiting Rules and Guidelines

Freshman and Sophomore year of High School
(and until Sept. 1 of Junior Year)

Coaches may:

  • Send questionnaires, sports camp brochures, and NCAA Educational Information
  • Accept phone calls placed by prospects at their own expense, but may not return voicemail messages from prospects.

Coaches may NOT:

  • Initiate phone calls to prospects.
  • Send any other written recruiting materials to prospects

Unofficial Visits

  • Prospects can make unofficial visits to campus
  • Can receive up to three complimentary admissions to a campus sporting event
  • May talk in person with college coaches only on the college campus

September 1st of your Junior Year

  • Coaches may send information about their school or program (personalized letters, photocopies of newspaper clippings, media guides, schedule cards, and official university academic and admissions publications)
  • Coaches may also reply to your emails or send email

July 1st after your Junior Year

  • Coaches are only allowed to make one phone call per week to you or your parents. (Coaches may accept unlimited phone calls that are initiated by prospects at any time)
  • A college coach may contact you in person off the college campus only on or after July 1st after completion of your junior year. Any face-to-face meeting between a college coach and you or your parents, during which any of you say more than "hello" is considered a contact.

Senior Year

  • Coaches can send written correspondence and make telephone calls as listed under July 1st after your Junior Year.
  • You are only allowed to make 5 Official - expense paid visits to college campuses. Your visit to the campus may not last longer than 48 hours. These visits can occur no earlier than your first day of classes of your senior year.
  • Coaches must have an official SAT or ACT score and a copy of your official high school transcript before this visit can take place.

Recruiting at Tournaments

At a tournament, if a coach does not talk to you, it's not because he is being rude. The NCAA has specific rules about recruiting which limits communication at tournaments.

At tournaments, coaches are not allowed to have any personal contact with student-athletes. It is, however, permissible to say "hello" in passing. Anything more than "hello" is considered a contact.

A conversation, other than a simple greeting, with a parent or guardian at a tournament site, is considered a contact.

A coach may sit down with a parent or guardian at a competition site. This will count towards one of the three in-person off-campus recruiting contacts a coach is allowed.

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