Football - 2014 Coaches/Staff

Jerry Kill Jerry Kill
Head Coach
Tracy Claeys Tracy Claeys
Defensive Coordinator
Matt Limegrover Matt Limegrover
Offensive Coordinator
Offensive Line
Jeff Phelps Jeff Phelps
Defensive Line
Brian Anderson Brian Anderson
Wide Receivers
Rob Reeves Rob Reeves
H-Backs/Tight Ends
Pat Poore Pat Poore
Running Backs
Jim Zebrowski Jim Zebrowski
Passing Game Coordinator
Jay Sawvel Jay Sawvel
Defensive Backs/Special Teams
Mike Sherels Mike Sherels
Linebackers Coach
Melvin Rice Melvin Rice
Defensive Quality Control
Nate Griffin Nate Griffin
Offensive Quality Control
Hanson Cory Hanson
Defensive Graduate Assistant
Ryan Maiuri Ryan Maiuri
Offensive Graduate Assistant
Dan O'Brien Trevor Olson
Offensive Graduate Assistant
Jay Nunez Jay Nunez
Special Teams Quality Control
McElroy Mike McElroy
Defensive Graduate Assistant
Adam Clark Adam Clark
Director of Football Operations
Eric Klein Eric Klein
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Dustin Perry Dustin Perry
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Chad Pearson Chad Pearson
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Morton Kane Thompson
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Shea Thompson Shea Thompson
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ed Lochrie Ed Lochrie
Head Football Trainer
Chris Ashton Chris Ashton
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Kyle Gergely Kyle Gergely
Director of Equipment Operations
Kammy Powell Kammy Powell
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Andy Harris Andy Harris
Assistant Equipment Manager
Jeff Jones Jeff Jones
Director of Player Personnel
Billy Glasscock Billy Glasscock
Director of Recruiting Operations
Morton Morgan Liggett
Assistant Coordinator of
Recruiting Operations
Matt Schilling Matt Schilling
Director of Video Services
John Schaekel John Schaekel
Assistant Coordinator
of Recruiting Operations
Jordan Adams Jordan Adams
Assistant Director of Video Services
Madeline Hayes Madeline Hayes
Administrative Assistant
Jessica Wilson Jessica Wilson
Administrative Assistant