Week Ten Roundup

Nov. 8, 2017

Gophers Host Nebraska on November 11 // Daily Email!

Each week we will be gathering the top notes from the previous Saturday, Tuesday's press conference and today we even have a note from Wednesday's availability. Take a look below:

Minnesota Recruits Need to Stay

Head coach P.J. Fleck was asked about Minnesota recruits.

"We have to keep everybody in the state but I need everybody's help to keep people in the state," Fleck said. "We haven't won a championship in 50 years so the people that come into this program have to understand that that's what they want. They want to do something that's not been done in 50 years. They have to be legacy-type players. They have to be -- they have to want to be legendary."

Fleck went on to talk about how the "Row the Boat" culture is not for calm seas and everybody has to embrace that.

"We all have to do this together," Fleck said. "And I said that even from the opening start. It's not just about hiring a coach; it's about enhancing a culture. It's about taking the good with the bad."

Straight Cash

In 2015, Blake Cashman was a walk-on who saw action as a true freshman on special teams. In 2016, he emerged as a pass-rushing specialist who led the Gophers with 7.5 sacks. He has seen the majority of his action on special teams this season because of the crowded linebacker corps but re-emerged at Michigan where he had six tackles and one sack. Fleck was asked about the passion he plays with.

"That's how you should play the game. If we had 125 Blake Cashmans, that's the goal," Fleck said. "I'm saying the heart, the spirit, the fire. If you could take Blake Cashman and in three years down the road sit there and say, that's what the team would look like at every position, that's my vision of the football team."

The only problem is Cashman has Jon Celestin in front of him at the linebacker position.

"I think we'll be able to find ways to get them both on the field at different times and, at the same time," Fleck said. "You know, Blake is -- needs to be on the field. But, you know, Jon Celestin is our best football player. I think he really is."

Howard Continues to Grow

Phillip Howard has been thrust into a starting role this season and has shown flashes of success.

"I think he's understanding what it means to be a starting receiver. You have to be able to make the plays that come your way. I think he's made some and I think he's not made some," Fleck said. "I think he's been able to learn from his failing and his growth. He's a guy that's kind of been forced into a role. When you're forced into a role, it's like hide and seek, you know. Ready or not, here we come, and, boom, you're in the role. So, ready or not, Phillip Howard, you're going."

Wozniak Finds Peace Through Family

Even at 6-foot-10, and 280 pounds, senior Nate Wozniak can't pass up a hug from mom before a game day. Read his program feature here.

Serving and Giving: Payton Jordahl

Tonight Payton Jordahl will be a guest on Fox 9's "P.J. Fleck Show." He was brought into the spotlight last week when Fleck talked about how Jordahl ended up befriending a homeless man through a class project. Catch tonight's show to hear him talk about it at 6:30 p.m. and read the story here.




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