Why Will You Be There? Wendell Maddox

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Season Ticket Holder Since 2009
Resides: Minnetonka, Minn.

Q: What is the most memorable Gopher Football game you have ever attended?

A: The most memorable game for me was 1986, we played Michigan and Michigan was a powerhouse. And nobody in the country gave us any chance to beat them. We went into Michigan and we beat them. And I will tell you that I was living and dying with every play on both sides of the ball. So my interest started to grow even more then and although at that time I had just started my business, I was trying to have my hobby along with the business.

Q: What is your tailgating food?

A: A brat. I mean that’s it. Brats. We love brats. And when we do tailgate, we make sure we have plenty. We have other items as well, but we always have brats.

Q: Do you have any game day traditions?

A: We like to come early and just compare notes with the other fans. We get to chat and talk to people who are around us. And we make friends there because we see the same people mostly all the time. And so as a consequence, we all know each other and we get to talk about what happened last week and what we expect or hope happens this week. So it’s fun doing that. And then during the game, you’re all involved in the game, so you don’t really have time to do that during the game, so you do it beforehand.

Q: What makes you excited about the 2012 season?

A: First of all before next year let’s talk about how we ended this year. I think Ray Charles could see that we are headed in the right direction. Because the way the players responded to the coach, and the way the team played on both sides of the ball. On both sides of the ball, not just the offense with the quarterback. But the defense actually, that’s what really impressed me the most is how they came together at the last few games of the year. I think they are going to build on that. I think the primary reason for that is the coach. They believe in him.

Q: Why will you Be There in 2012?

A: I am renewing my season tickets, because I think we have finally… We have finally hit… I think we have hit the jackpot here with Coach Jerry Kill. I think that guy is going to turn this program around. I believe in him 100 percent. I have had a conversation with him, and I feel like he’s the right guy for the job. I just think that his knowledge of football, his track record at Northern Illinois, and the way he’s displayed himself, and the way the team has made progress. I don’t see how we can hope for anything better.




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