Why Will You Be There? Bradley Baumgard

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Season Ticket Holder Since 2011
Resides: Okabena, Minn.

Q: When was your first Gopher Football Game?

A: The first game I ever attended was at old Memorial Stadium. I was 10 years old and it was the annual band day. I played trumpet in the band.  I truly don't remember the score or even if we won or lost.  I just remember the excitement of the crowd, the cheerleaders, the full stands in the "Brick House" and of course the University of Minnesota Marching Band.  The band was huge and so well choreographed that it was amazing to a young man from a town the size of Okabena.

Q: What is the most memorable Gopher Football game you have ever been to?

A: I was at the home game in 1977 when we played Michigan. They came into the game ranked No. 1 in the nation and we beat them 16-0.  The crowd was electric and the sound level was unbelievable. I can remember it like it was last week. I also marched on the field on one of the band days and before we went out I was standing right next to O.J. Simpson. It was the year he won the Heisman Trophy.

Q: What is your favorite part of tailgating?

A: We are in the Maroon lot next to the stadium by the band entrance.  Just about every game some of the band comes over and plays a little bit for our group. We grill 50-60 pork chops a game and serve them Minnesota style on a stick. We give some to band members, a lot of the University Police stop by for one and last year President Kaler and his whole family came by and tried some.

Q: Why do you believe that Coach Kill is the right coach for Minnesota Football?

A: I love Coach Kill. He is down to earth, is truthful almost to a fault, and is a farm boy like myself. There is no rah rah stuff or Rose Bowl promises. He tells it like and is and I have full trust in him and his staff. Gopher Football is definitely on the way up.

Q: Why will you Be There in 2012?

A: I think we will be improved, I have faith that Coach Kill is the right guy and I enjoy the entire gameday and what it entails. Lastly I am and have always been a Gopher fan and I feel it's important to do what I can to support the Athletics Department.

Q: Describe your tailgate vehicle.

A: We bought an airport shuttle van and have completely rehabbed it. It has a base coat of Maroon with Gold glitter. It has pictures of Gopher players and even Goldy Gopher on the side. This year we are redoing all the inside seats and upholstering them in maroon and gold. We have taken it on the road to other Big Ten cities and it's fun to travel in "Gopherstyle."




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