Why Will You Be There? The Doepner Family

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Aaron, Anne and Alice
Season Ticket Holders Since 2010
Reside: St. Paul, Minn.

Q: What makes you excited about the 2012 season?

Aaron: First and foremost, seeing what MarQueis Gray does in his senior year. We saw him have some great moments last year and we feel like with it being his second year in the system as the starting QB, he’s just going to build on those and be able to lead the offense. Troy (Stoudermire) getting granted a medical exception for an extra year eligibility I think will provide that same kind of veteran leadership to the ‘D.’

Anne: When you look at Coach Kill’s past stops, you usually see a big improvement in that second year on the job. Also, Alice being a little older, hopefully she can make it through the whole game this year. The first couple of times we tried to take her, we usually ended up having to leave early. After the second time we started getting a sitter.

Q: Do you have a favorite Gopher apparel item?

Anne: Alice probably has the largest Gopher apparel wardrobe in the family. For her baby shower, Gopher Gear was definitely the most popular gift.

Aaron: Goldy’s Locker Room is a dangerous place when you have a little girl. Probably our favorite item to dress her in is a little hoodie with the retro Gopher logo. We got it in two sizes so we have a backup ready when she eventually grows out of the first.

Q: Why do you believe in Coach Kill?

Aaron: His track record speaks for itself. He’s turned around programs at every stop. I really enjoy following recruiting and Coach has always been rated towards the top of his respective conferences. It’s been great seeing him come in and lock down the border by getting commitments from some of the best players in the state.

Anne: We’ve been able to hear him talk in person a few times and really enjoy hearing about his commitment to making this program something the State of Minnesota can be proud of. Hearing him talk about creating a true college football gameday experience on campus and his effort in engaging the students to come to the games are all great things to see and hear. We want him to succeed.

Q: Why will you Be There for the 2012 season?

Aaron: We’ll be season tickets holders for life going forward. It’s important to us to start to build this tradition in our family. We’re hoping by the time Alice is old enough to remember the games, this program will be competing at the top of the Big Ten. So engaging and exposing her to Gopher Football at an early age is really important to us.

Anne: Gopher pride is really building in our family. Aaron’s brother’s family is really into Gopher sports and they attend many games. His sister in-law works at the University as well. My little sister is a current student at the ‘U’ and is a season ticket holder for football and hockey. We want this to be something Alice can share with her aunts, uncles, and cousins and if our family does grow something she can share with her younger siblings.

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