Gophers at B1G Media Days in Chicago
Jerry Kill at 2014 Media Days in Chicago

July 28, 2014

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Day 2

The media portion of the Gophers' time in Chicago continued Tuesday morning with a BTN photo shoot and two hours of round table interviews for head coach Jerry Kill and the three Gophers representing their team at Big Ten Media Days.

David Cobb, Mitch Leidner and Cedric Thompson then had the opportunity to meet former Gopher and NFL running back Laurence Maroney, who signed autographs for fans with Kill. The event concluded with the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon.

A few questions the Gophers answered at their round tables:

What was your favorite part of media day?
Cedric Thompson: My favorite part was all the interviews. I enjoyed talking to all the people who had questions to ask and everybody who asked me about my story, Coach Kill, Cobb and Mitch and the rest of the team.
Mitch Leidner: My favorite part was doing the Fox Sports and the Big Ten Network interviews in front of the camera in the room. It was interesting. They asked me some fun questions so I got to play around with it a little bit.
David Cobb: My favorite part was seeing some of the different guys and seeing some of the different reporters, and hearing what they had to say and the questions they thought of. Talking with some of the different teams and seeing how much they respect our program and how far it’s come, that’s a great message for me, Mitch and Cedric, as well as the other guys back in Minneapolis, that they respect our work and they see what we have done.

What was your favorite thing about Chicago outside of media day?
CT: My favorite thing to do in Chicago outside of media was having Mitch go on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, because he was so afraid of heights. He was so scared and I thought it was funny.
ML: I really liked going over to Navy Pier with David Cobb and Cedric. It was a good time. We were able to go on the Ferris wheel and have some fun.
DC: My favorite thing was getting a chance to see what a Chicago hot dog was all about. Second, just hanging out with Mitch and Ced, getting off our feet, enjoying a movie and going to the carnivals and stuff. It was fun.

How ready are you for camp to start?
CT: I’m ready for camp. I’m ready to leave and get started. I’m ready to play football.
ML: I can’t wait. I wish it would just come now.
DC: I was just talking to Mitch. I’m ready for camp. Ready to put on my helmet and visor and not talk to anybody, just get down to business, get out of people’s faces, quick talking and just back it up.

What are you most looking forward to working on during camp?
CT: I would say our defense as a whole becoming one unit, to be able to communicate well no matter who’s out there playing, that we’re all on the same page no matter who’s in the game.
ML: Just keep improving when we get the pads on, keep improving the timing with the receivers because sometimes it can be a little different with not throwing with not throwing with the pads on for the past summer.
DC: I’m definitely ready to see with all the work I put in in the offseason, will I see some results. That’s what I’m ready to see.

Day 1

Head coach Jerry Kill and three members of the Golden Gopher football team met with the national media Monday in Chicago at the annual Big Ten Media Days. The Gophers spoke with BTN, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, Sirius XM Radio, KFAN, the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press and numerous local media outlets from other Big Ten cities.

Kill addressed the media in a press conference before conducting podium interviews with a smaller group. He then moved on to a handful of one-on-one radio and TV interviews.

Running back David Cobb, quarterback Mitch Leidner and defensive back Cedric Thompson started their media responsibilities with TV interviews. They joined Kill for podium and radio interviews to wrap up their busy day.

Tuesday's activities will begin with round table interviews and a BTN photo shoot in the morning. Then coaches and former student-athletes, including the Gophers' Laurence Maroney, will sign autographs. The event will conclude with the 43rd Annual Kickoff Luncheon.




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