Catch of the Year?
April 16, 2018

Season Tickets // Spring Game Recap

Tyler Johnson made a powerful case for catch of the year last week and yes…we know it’s only spring.

Don’t believe us? Just scroll through Twitter.

Johnson’s catch had a small stay at the top of SportsCenter’s Top-10 plays before being moved to No. 2. We asked him how he felt about getting back home after the game and seeing all the reactions.

"It felt good knowing I had made a crazy catch,” Johnson said. “Some people may have never seen something like that in person before.”

Johnson left all of us wondering how that catch was even possible.

“Just went up to make a play, he said.

Come on, there has to be more to it than that?

“Just went up to make a play and as I went up I forgot to bring my left hand,” the Minneapolis, Minn. native added.

We appreciate Johnson’s modesty but couldn’t leave it at that so we caught up with the guy who threw him the ball, Tanner Morgan.

“I was not surprised at all when he made that catch,” Morgan said. “I’ve seen him make those types of plays before. I realized right away how unbelievable that catch was, I think we all knew right away. Tyler is obviously an incredible player and I’ve seen him make a lot of ‘wow’ plays.”

One thing is certain, Johnson has left Gopher fans with something to talk about until fall camp. When that time comes, we agree with the Big Ten Network below. We will gladly take a seven on the board to start the game when New Mexico State comes to town on Aug. 30.


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