Minnesota Minute: Next Bachelor?
March 8, 2018

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Each week we will be taking a minute to talk with the Gophers about a topic going on in the world. This week Minnesotan’s were crushed when Prior Lake native Becca Kufrin had her heart broken on ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor.” Minnesota was so crushed that there has even been a proposed legislation to ban Arie, the latest bachelor, from the Gopher state. We asked the guys who on the team would make the best bachelor in the latest Minnesota Minute.

Kamal Martin led the voting panel with four votes. Carter Coughlin, Clay Geary, Antoine Winfield Jr. and Seth Green all noted "indecision" as their reason for picking Martin since that is a trait of an entertaining bachelor.

"I knew they would all vote for me," Martin said. "It's whatever, but all of their reasons are false."

Coming in a close second was Blake Cashman with three votes. Donnell Greene, Kamal Martin and Rodney Smith.

"He has the TV guy hair flow," Smith noted.

"He really blow dries his hair after practice," Green added.

Cashman said he was not surprised that he was a top pick.

"I think they just picked me because I have better hygiene than the rest of them," Cashman said.

Backup kicker John Mack made a charge with two votes including a glowing recommendation from a fellow specialist.

"He's one of the most interesting guys out there and he's not afraid to take a woman on a nice date," Emmit Carpenter said. "You're welcome John."

Calvin Swenson also put in his support of Mack while Jerry Gibson made a strong case for Mark Williams.

"He is a big softy and he wouldn't do the ladies wrong like some of the bachelors have," Gibson said of Williams.

Ko Kieft and Conner Olson both picked each other.

"Without a doubt Conner Olson," Kieft said. "Not only is he adequately handsome but he also wants to be a doctor."

"There is just something about the long, flowing, ginger hair," Olson said of Kieft.

No matter who would make the best bachelor, one thing is for certain. None of these guys would have left Becca hanging. For more fun stories like this make sure you are following Gopher football on Twitter!




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