Minnesota vs. Illinois Quotes

Nov. 10, 2012

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Minnesota vs. Illinois Quotes

Minnesota Head Coach Jerry Kill Postgame Quotes
Minnesota 17, Illinois 3
Memorial Stadium // Nov. 10, 2012 // Attendance: 46,912

Opening statement:
"I think the biggest thing is that I am happy for our kids and certainly our seniors. We found a way to get it done today and we faced a lot of adversity. That's the first time in 30 years of coaching that I had to have our third string center snapping at the end of the game. We played old-fashioned football. We ran the ball, played great defense and we didn't turn it over. I thought those were the things that helped us get to where we are."

On running the ball so often and their offensive strategy:
"We wanted to be able to run the ball. They did some unique things in the secondary that made it difficult to throw it. We discussed at halftime with the offensive coaches to figure out what we needed to do because they were bringing guys from about everywhere. So we decided to line up and run the power and outside zone and try to protect Philip (Nelson) as much as we could. Donnell (Kirkwood) played outstanding and the more we gave it to him, the better he got. The offensive line, with the injuries we had, really battled. If you can play great defense, run the football, and not make any mistakes in the kicking game, you have a chance to win and that's what we did today.

On being bowl-eligible:
"I just think of the seniors, and I am happy for them. We still have work to do. We still have two games left and that's our focus. I am happy for those older kids because when you have a coaching transition, it's a hard thing on them. It's been tough but they have responded well and I am just happy for those kids because they have been through a lot."

On going for it on 4th and inches, rather than kick the field goal:
"It's one of those things where you are on the road, and with only a few inches to go, if you can't make that you probably don't deserve to win. We ran a quarterback sneak and got a good push. We were at a position where it was probably too far out to kick a field goal and it's also not a great place to punt. So we took a shot and ended up getting a penalty on it, but sometimes on the road you have to go after it to win.

On his defense's effort today:
"I think they played smart and (punter) Christian (Eldred) did a good job of keeping them on a long field. Our defense played good, assignment football. When they ran the option, we had someone on the dive and on the quarterback. We came up with some critical plays. Our guys up front played with a tremendous low pad level. I think we won the war up front. A week ago we didn't make those crucial plays, but give the kids credit because they rose to the occasion today. I'm just so proud for our kids, they have been consistent all year. They come to work every day and haven't complained or moaned and I am just happy that they are getting rewarded for their good play."

Minnesota Postgame Player Quotes

QB Phillip Nelson
On what bowl eligibility means to the seniors:
"It's unbelievable. We've been talking about this all year long. We want to send these guys out on a good note and these seniors are who we're all playing for right now. Now that we're bowl eligible, we're not done yet. We want to keep winning and these next two games are important too, just like any other game."

On the pressure of trying to gain bowl eligibility:
"It's just another game, that's how we tried to take it. We could've won last week; it doesn't really matter. We just played our game and the outcome went in our favor."

On running back Donnell Kirkwood:
"He does a great job getting north and south and grinding out those yards. Some of the biggest carries he had were when nothing was there and he somehow made something work. That's huge, having him back there behind that big offensive line and have them do their job it's really beautiful."

DE D.L. Wilhite
On being bowl-eligible:
"It feels great, it's been a couple of years since I've had the opportunity, two long hard years of struggling. It means a lot for the program moving forward and it feels very good to say that hopefully, God willing, we'll be going back to a bowl."

On the first quarter goal line stand:
"It was huge. It set the tone for the rest of the game. They could've easily won themselves some momentum if they had been able to punch it in, but for the defense to come together and stop it on that third down it was definitely huge."

On keeping Illinois out of the end zone:
"You always expect a team to break some big plays open but it seemed like everything was coming together and everyone was playing real solid, assignment football. Everyone is doing their jobs and when you do that it's just easy to keep them out."

RB Donnell Kirkwood
On the second half improvements:
"Be patient. Just be patient. We had to slow down a little bit. We wanted to get after them all game and I feel like we tried to get after them too fast. We had to slow down, let things open up and everything would be fine."

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman Postgame Quotes

Opening statement:
"It's definitely a tough one. The players in there fought hard, I thought. We weren't consistent enough offensively. Defensively, I thought we played better. We didn't give up the long strikes. They [Minnesota] tried to run the football a little bit more than probably we expected them to run. As you look early in that football game, we had a couple opportunities to take big strikes, to take those big hits, and we overthrow a wide-open receiver that's square in the middle of the football field. Just things like that that you have to make if you're going to be successful and our players aren't making those plays."

On the early trick play:
"We talked about it long and hard, and spent more time a little bit with the offense trying to stretch the field vertically early to get them aware of it."

On getting more involved with the offensive play calling:
"The last couple weeks I've been more involved with it. I'm not going to get too involved. I'm letting Chris (Beatty), Billy (Gonzales) is calling third downs, so Chris calls the rest of the game. Tim Banks calls the defense. I'm just suggesting - strongly urge, maybe - some of the plays that I think can help them be successful throughout the game."

On the offensive line play:
"We've got to come off the football and bloody some mouths and get us a yard when we need a yard. I mean, we can't put the ball on the one-yard line for two downs and not get the ball in the end zone. This is college football, come off the football regardless who is running, Donovonn Young or Nathan Scheelhaase, and get the ball the yard."

On the team's mentality:
"I haven't been around this, no. I haven't been around this much this losing. It's been tough, but you've got to find ways to motivate. You've got to find ways so that your seniors understand the importance of playing these last 14 days of practice because that's what they've got. They've got 14 opportunities to be on that practice field with those juniors, sophomores and freshmen, then it's over."

Illinois Postgame Player Quotes

QB Nathan Scheelhaase
On his feelings after the game:
"For me, personally, that's a tough one. You just have a lot of feelings that run through you after a game like that. I felt like I let a lot of people down. I know that coaches and people always say that it doesn't come down to one player, things like that. But for sure, it didn't feel good about how I let us down there at the end."

On the fumble at the end of the game:
"Coach Beatty tells me all the time don't reach the ball out in those situations. I think it comes down to just me trying to do too much, not doing my job. You realize that it's third down and they get a stop there. I guess that's the instinct that comes out when you get stopped on a 3rd-and-1: you want to do what you can to get the first down. You've got to do your job. You've got to do what is expected from you and I didn't do that. It's 100 percent my fault."

On not being able to get in the end zone early in the game:
"It is (frustrating) at the time and it is after. You just have to be able to find a way to get short yardage and things like that. You have to punch the ball in when we're that close. Those chances don't always come. You have to be able to do something to get the ball in at the time. Seven points there instead of three definitely would've been needed."

DE Michael Buchanan
On the team's defensive play:
"If they don't score, we're going to win, 3-0. So we still have to look at ourselves and look at the mistakes that we made. I think we could've finished better. I really didn't want to give up that last touchdown."

On the team's mentality entering the last two games of the season:
"We're just talking about right now just setting the path for the younger guys. I only have two games left of my career but I'm always going to be an Illini at heart. We just really want to set the path for the younger guys. I do feel like, even though were not getting the W's on the board, we are playing better as a team."

LB Mason Monheim
On the team's defensive play:
"I think we played hard. We were pretty dominant. I don't really know how many total yards we had but I don't think it was too much. We played as a team, as one, and we were pretty successful most of the game."

On Minnesota's running game:
"I think they ran the ball a lot more than we expected. But I take that head on. I want guys to run the ball. I'm a hard-nosed guy. Our defense is hard-nosed and we take that as a challenge."

On the losing streak:
"It hurts, but there's no point on dwelling on it. You have to bounce back and if you're going to dwell on it, you're going to keep losing. The focus we need to have is on Purdue. They're coming to our house on the last home game and we need to finish on a good streak."




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