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Sept. 10, 2011

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2011 University of Minnesota Football
Postgame Quotes

New Mexico State (1-1) 28, Minnesota (0-2) 21
Attendance: 48,807
Sept. 10, 2011

Minnesota Team Doctor Pat Smith

On Coach Jerry Kill and the situation
“Coach Kill had an event today on the sideline. It was a seizure. Coach Kill has a history of seizures and he is stable. He has been transported to the hospital and there will be updates thereafter.”

On his history of seizures
“He has a history of them since his cancer, which has been well controlled through medications. There is a history of trouble with dehydration and heat seems to kick that up. It was very hot and humid today; we have to do a better job as a medical staff keeping him hydrated.”

On Kill’s response on the sideline
“We were able to give him medications to sedate him; at no time was he in any harm in any way. He was breathing, his vital signs were absolutely normal and responded typical of someone responding to a seizure.”

Minnesota Offensive Coach Matt Limegrover

On what happened...
 "Just from my standpoint. Unfortunately the bad part is we have seen through this before but I think that's also a blessing cause we've been able to handle this. As a group and as a staff we know what needs to be done. We've been versed in this before. Anytime you see something like that happen even if it's happened before it’s tough, it takes the wind out of you. Unfortunately that the biggest thing right now is for a lot of people it's a state of shock. For us coaches we kind of know what we need to get things done to make sure the ship stays on course so to speak."
On what you tell the team and family
"Unfortunately as a coaching staff we have been through this before. That becomes an advantage as far as we won't be losing our head. We know what the course of action is and we told them that. I think the worst thing they can do is do something that's counter to what we're trying to build and develop here. Coach Kill talks about it all the time. He says we're going to build this thing on concrete not on sand."

Minnesota Running Back Duane Bennett:

On Coach Kill:
“We were scared, but at the same time we know that it has happened before. As players we have to continue to stay focused on the field. We know Coach Kill would want us to go out there and execute regardless of if he was there on the sideline.”

On players’ reaction tonight:
“The biggest thing is to make sure that everyone is together on the same page. Everyone needs to be on one single accord. We don’t want anyone to go out there and do something temporary that would affect the team. We’ll keep everyone together and say a couple words because we don’t want to dwell on it.”

Minnesota Defensive Back Kim Royston:

On Coach Kill:
“What I did myself was say a quick prayer. Coach Kill made us aware of his condition and that this could happen. The doctors told us he was stable. It inspired us. We know that he’s a fiery guy. We have to go out and represent him now.”



Defensive adjustments in 2nd half:
“I don’t know if it was so much about adjustments as much as us getting our feet underneath us and playing quicker football. Just like last week, we can’t come out slow. We’re a good football team, but when we get behind it’s not good for anybody. All we can do is prepare for practice tomorrow.”

Minnesota Wide Receiver Da’Jon McKnight:
On Coach Kill:
“It was hard going back out there. But we knew we had to go out there and finish the game. We knew (Coach) Kill would want us to go out there and score and win the game. We tried to give it our all to go out there and score.”

New Mexico State Head Coach DeWayne Walker:

On his emotions after the win...
“First of all, I want to continue to have prayers for Coach Kill—that he’s okay. That’s the most important thing. A W is a W, but I know our players and our coaches were thinking about him and hopefully he’ll have a nice recovery.”

On the stoppage with 20 seconds remaining in the game...
“I was just focused on the field and I didn’t know (who it was) until halfway through the time they stopped the game. We got the whole team together and we said a prayer for him. We were fortunate enough to win on the last play of the game and it’s great for our program.”

On what he said to his team during the situation at the end of the game...
“The game’s not important at that point—when someone’s lying down and you’re not sure of their health. You’re more concerned with what’s going on with that particular person than winning on the last play of the game. However, we still had to play that last play.”

On defeating Minnesota, his former team...
“I’d be lying if I said it’s not a great feeling. This is great for our program. This is great for all off southern New Mexico, New Mexico State, our players, our coaches, wives and our administrators, and everyone (else). This is a signature win for our program and I hope we can build on it.”


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