Minnesota vs. UNLV: Post-Game UNLV Quotes

Aug 29, 2013

Aug. 29, 2013
TCF Bank Stadium
UNLV at Minnesota

Bobby Hauck, UNLV Head Coach

“When I looked up at the scoreboard going into their last drive and saw that we had 420 yards and they had 234, the score on the board doesn’t correlate with that so we have to delve into why that is. Certainly in any game, particularly on the road, you can’t give up three touchdowns on offensive functions—that’s the obvious story of the game. Statistics are irrelevant—time of possession, yardage, first downs—all that stuff we did pretty well, but it doesn’t matter when you don’t win on the scoreboard. With that being said, I think we’re going to have a good football team. I like our guys and I love our approach to the game—they were locked in. We’ve got to clean up and we cannot make big errors.”

On how the third-quarter blocks opened up the game…

“I think we win. We went into halftime feeling pretty good about ourselves and kicking ourselves for not being up. Those (plays) count—they are the plays of the game, so we’ve got to get that fixed.”

On Marcus Jones’ kickoff return to start the second half…

“Guys were in their lanes but we missed two tackles on it. One of our true freshmen had a clean shot at him and flat missed him. Another freshman ran around the block in what we call the attack zone. We’ll get that fixed. They were playing their first college football game, but the expectation is they make that play.”

Nick Sherry, So., QB

On being comfortable during first drive of the game…

“Personally, I believe in this offense and I trust in this team and we had some good (things) and some bad (things) during the game. The errors just exploded into big plays and you can’t have errors, especially on offense. When you want to put points on the board, you can’t make errors. I created two errors by myself and we had some other errors on offense, but we’ve got to be error-free. Good teams are and we want to be a good team and I think we’re going to be there pretty soon.”

On his personal performance…

“I think our line did a good job and I think our receivers did a good job. After marching down into the red zone, I made a mistake on my read and it cost us big time and it kind of got in my head. You can’t do that as a quarterback, especially leading the offense. I think we’re a great offense and we’ve got a lot to work on.”




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