The Opportunity Network

"an exclusive listing of opportunities offered by Minnesota letter-winners"

The rigor of holding down a full-time occupation while attending school can be brutal. The "full-ride" or "pampered" perspective of a student-athlete's life is nothing more than a stereotype or myth... something that one does not understand without having been there.

Fact is, we all had full-time jobs training, preparing, and competing. You simply do not win a letter applying a part-time effort.

What this says about most of us, our personal and professional character, speaks volumes. WE are winners. We are medical pro's, legal pro's, business pro's and academic pro's, and now that we qualify as employers and mentors the young letterwinners from the University of Minnesota need our help.

Most of us did not enjoy the post graduate advantage of a warm network to tap into... it simply was not organized. As a club of former athletes we now have the advantage of first rights on young winners graduating ...and they now have the advantage of our care.

Take a minute to think back on how much potential you possesed as a graduate of the University of Minnesota, then apply that to the spririt of this cause. And no less important is the idea of having a "go to" network for older members of this club. Few of us are able to claim that we are free of the need or desire to push the "reset button" at one time or another in our careers.

If you are looking for talent, new oportunities, new clients, or simply some access to good ideas that fellow "M" winners may have, below are the categories. Check it out...and visit often, as this is a work in progress.

And remember, "it's not who you know, it's who'll call you back." George Adzick

If you would like more information or be added to this page, please contact us!

The Joint...the chiropractic place
Robb Quinlan and Craig Selander
Baseball 1996-1999
Terra Rasmussen
Women's Hockey
Judson J Phillips
Career Opportunities at Northwestern Mutual
Tara Putz (Peckskamp)
Spirit Squad 2002-2006
William (Will) Anderson
Hockey 1993-95
Residential Real Estate
Bob Martin
Basketball 1989-92
Leadership Consulting
Keith Simons
Football 1972-75
Commercial Real Estate
Suzanne R. Grimm
Swimming & Diving 1983-87
Athletics Speed and Agility
Melvin Anderson
Football 1983-86
Personal Achievement Coaching
Justin Johnson
Hockey 2001-05
Velocity Sports Performance
Omar Douglas
Football & Track 1990-1993



Quincy Lewis Takes Interim Lead of M Club

Quincy Lewis Takes Interim Lead of M Club

1/8/2018 - M Club

Lewis will lead the M Club until a permanent replacement for retiring director George Adzick is named.

Adzick to Retire from M Club

Adzick to Retire from M Club

12/5/2017 - M Club

Adzick, an all-Big Ten safety in the mid-1970s and the director of the athletics department’s M Club for more than a decade, will retire in early January

M Club Welcomes New Hall of Fame Class

M Club Welcomes New Hall of Fame Class

10/12/2017 - M Club

Nine former Gophers officially entered the "M" Club Hall of Fame on Thursday night, joining a collection of the greatest names in the history of Gopher Athletics

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