Dec. 19, 2014

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Coach Pitino

Opening Statement
Excited about tonight’s performance top to bottom, that may have been our best overall performance and our intensity coming off a long layoff was great, our sense of entitlement or lack of was great. These guys love to play, I think they sense they are getting better individually, as well as a team, and they are enjoying that process. A lot of really good things to take from it.

On the humble program...
We don’t have an ego as a team, there is no sense of entitlement here, who are we to look down upon any opponent, what have we accomplished to be looking down upon them. That is not the mind set of our basketball program, that’s not the mind set of me as a coach, we are very humble and hungry and I think we showed that tonight.

On talking to Konate about shooting open three's...
I told Konate at half time, I don’t know why you’re not shooting open three pointers, when did I tell you not to shoot open threes? We broke the school record last year for made threes as well as attempts, if your open bombs away. He has done a great job of taking good shots.

On getting better individually and as a team...
Our guys are individually getting better, you see it with Carlos, with Bakary, with Nate, DeAndre, and top to bottom we are getting better. I’m getting excited about the direction it’s going as a team.

On how playing Louisville early helped the Gophers...
We had 12 steals at halftime,  and we stopped pressing in the second half but I think those guys bought intensity right off the bat, I think they enjoy playing this way and I think it starts again with DeAndre and dre. Andre didn’t get as many steals, but he was still putting great heat on the basketball, they learned a lot from that Louisville game, that was very beneficial for us, playing a top 5 team in the country first game, not a lot of people would do that, and our guys learned from it.

On Carlos Morris...
Carlos next step is defense, and he has improved, but probably communication, he’s very quiet and we do drills to start practice where you have to pass it and call out a guy’s name and legitimately he’s so quiet, that’s the next step for him.

Charles Buggs

On having a game plan for making shots...

Coach Pitino just tells us just to be ready at all times because you don’t know what you’re going into. Just be ready because you’re going three, four. Just saying you got to learn two positions now. We just got to come in being ready to work.


On the key to playing good defense...

This year, I guess, it’s more of just trying, with me, to guard different positions. The three man guards, and I’m a big man so I have to go inside and outside, but just all this shit, all of it is a team effort. We’re in the top five for defensive steals and stuff this year, so we should’ve went up more this game. We might be first now. We’ve been doing pretty well in that. Just pressuring the ball, making sure you get intense pressure all over the ball is still the biggest thing.



DeAndre Mathieu

On knowing what to expect from teammate Carlos Morris...

He’s going a variety of ways. He’s already been shooting the three. Coach has been telling him to shoot the three. He’s a really good three-point shooter. So, now that he’s finally brought that out, guys will have to respect him even more.


On which he prefers... offense or defense...

It’s not the same. The pressure’s fun, though, especially when we can get a steal from guys running. Buggs can dunk, and I think even Joey [King] had a dunk earlier. That’s really fun. It gets the crowd into it and it gets us going.


On his new teammates in Mike Lukashewich and Gaston Diedhiou...

It’s pretty cool. It’s a good group of guys in the locker room. Those two guys just fit right in, really. I mean, they like basketball.





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