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Feb. 25, 2014

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MINNESOTA (18-11, 7-9 Big Ten) 95, NO. 19/20 IOWA (19-8, 8-6 Big Ten) 89
ATTENDANCE: 14,625 (14,625 capacity)

On defending Iowa's Roy Devyn Marble in the second half...
"He is a really good player, one of the best in our conference. They are a very good offensive team. We talked about at halftime doing things together as a team. He's really tough to guard, they're really tough to guard."

On Charles Buggs and his breakout performance...
"We've been waiting. He can do some things that make you go `wow' and he showed that tonight. He hasn't played all year and then he comes in and hits three 3's - that's him."

On the choice to play Buggs...
"Oto's knee is hurt; we were going to go with Buggs either way. But I'll give Buggs some credit, he has not played but he has come to practice every single day and is chipping away and we were gonna go with him regardless of Oto's injury and he showed up. He's really unique because he could have been so down. Him and Mav [Ahanmisi] haven't played and you wouldn't know it and we're lucky to have that."

On the team's strong shooting performance...
"Finally - yeah. Look at Austin Hollins. To his credit, he hasn't hit a lot of shots and he came out tonight with 27 [points]. He's a unique kid. He played really bad at Ohio State and comes back the next practice with an unbelievable positive and leading attitude. It's hard to do that when you're not playing well. So it's a testament to him as a kid; he always works hard, every possession, every drill. He deserves success."

On encouraging Austin and his response...
"We encourage all the guys. I will say that's him not me. He is innately a very motivated kid with everything that he does. He's a special, special kid. A lot of young college kids crawl into a shell when they aren't playing well. He believes in hard work - he believes that he's going to come around."

Minnesota Player Quotes

Senior Guard Austin Hollins

On Iowa's key players...
"You know, it wasn't just Marble. In the first half, he really hurt us. We made a few adjustments and tried to keep him off the three point line and keep him out of the lane, and that helped. Later on, Oglesby got hot, and we had to adjust to that as well."

On personal performance...
"I hit a couple shots early on, and I was just really feeling it. I had a few open looks, and I was taken over with confidence. When you hit a few shots and they're going in, you feel like it's going to go in from anywhere, but you have to pick and choose your spots."

On personal satisfaction on result of game...
"All the wins in general rank pretty high. It's a team sport, and we have to go out there and play together. When we get a win like this, it really helps us out. We've had a couple losses, and to get a win against a team like this was huge for us and really helps our confidence."

Junior Guard Andre Hollins

 On offense...
"I think it was just our mentality. We came out against Ohio State in the first half, and at the end, we just blew it. Tonight, we came out flat at first, but came back more aggressive."

On Austin Hollins...
"He had an awesome performance. Austin deserves it because of how hard he works. He's the hardest worker on the entire team. He was kind of in a slump, but we stayed on believing in him."

On team's performance and Iowa as opponent...
"They're a very dangerous team. When everybody can score on the floor and they're athletic and big, it's very tough to guard them when they get the ball off so fast. I think we did a great job."

Junior Guard DeAndre Mathieu

On Austin Hollins...
"Against Ohio State, in the second half, we kind of just collapsed. Today, we made shots throughout the game. Guys like Austin were finally making some shots because he's been working so hard. He got hot and that's what we expected of him."

On big leads and their impact...
"I try not to think about that. I don't know about everybody else, but it wasn't on my mind. I knew that if we just kept our lead, we would keep following. We are a really good free throw shooting team. This game showed us that we can finish those kind of games. We just have to do what we've got to do early and keep defending."

Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery

On the current state of the defense
"We need some work. We will keep working on it." I think we played against a team that was inspired. They were sharing the basketball. (Minnesota) has good shooters. They have not been shooting well. It does not mean they are not good shooters. Austin Hollins has always been a good shooter. He has been off. (Malik) Smith has been off. They have a lot of guys who have been off and tonight they were making shots."

On what specific aspect of defense needs to improve
"I think we need to stay in are stances, stay engaged, and stay after them on ball screens, drive and kicks, or transition defense. It came easy to us early. We were up nine (points) and it did not happen for us then. All of a sudden, you look and they were up 10 and the crowd got into it. However, you have to adjust when (Charles) Buggs is hitting or (Austin) Hollins is hitting. They were on fire in the first half. I do not know how many times I have coached against a team that has made nine (three pointers) in a half. (Minnesota) is a good three-point shooting team. The numbers have not told the story recently.

On giving Minnesota's three-point shooters credit
"There is a lot of that. A lot of times you lose and you say, `we should have done this or we should have done that.' Minnesota put up 95. We can blame our defense if we want to, but at some point you have to respect your opponent. (Coach Richard Pitino) had a good game plan and the kids executed it. They got open and they made the shots. More power to them."







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