Gophers in the Major League Draft

Arrow Gophers in Major League Baseball

Year Name Franchise Round
1966 Dave Hoffman Minnesota 31st
Frank Brosseau Pittsburgh 1st (secondary)
Steve Schneider California 3rd (secondary)
1967 Jerry Wickman New York (AL) 20th
Gary Reierson Minnesota 20th
Bob Fenwick San Francisco 1st (secondary)
1968 Russ Rolandson Minnesota 21st
1969 Noel Jenke Boston 1st
Mike Walseth Atlanta 7th
1970 Phil Flodin Minnesota 36th
Bob Nielsen New York (AL) 39th
Al Kaminski Detroit 17th
1971 Steve Chapman Boston 18th
Dave Carey Montreal 4th
1973 Dave Winfield San Diego 1st (4th overall)
Tim Grice New York (AL) 16th
1974 Bruce Gustafson New York (NL) 22nd
1975 Joe Kordosky Minnesota 17th
Jim Moldenhauer Oakland 11th
1977 Tim Loberg Minnesota 25th
Paul Molitor Milwaukee 1st (3rd overall)
Tom Mee, Jr. Atlanta 12th
Dan Morgan Montreal 15th
1978 Brian Denman Boston 1st (Jan. secondary)
Jerry Ujdur Detroit 4th
1982 Greg Olson New York (NL) 7th
Ronn Van Krevelen Minnesota 28th
1983 Terry Steinbach Oakland 9th
Tom Stenbach Seattle 19th
Barry Wohler Los Angeles 14th
1984 Jack Schlichting Los Angeles 13th
Bill Cutshall Montreal 11th
Doug Kampsen Cincinnati 9th
1985 Mike Clarkin Boston 5th
1986 Pete Bauer New York (NL) 8th
Tim McIntosh Milwaukee 3rd
Bryan Hickerson Minnesota 7th
1988 J.T. Bruett Minnesota 11th
Jay Kvasnicka Minnesota 8th
1989 Denny Neagle Minnesota 3rd
Vince Palyan San Francisco 42nd
1990 Dan Wilson Cincinnati 1st (7th overall)
Brian Raabe Minnesota 41st
1991 Brent Gates Oakland 1st (26th overall)
1992 Scott Bakkum Boston 29th
George Behr Milwaukee 18th
Tom Doyle Montreal 20th
Keith Krenke Colorado 30th
Jeff Schmidt California 1st (39th, sandwich)
1993 Ryan Lefebvre Cleveland 19th
1994 Jim Brower Texas 6th
Darren Grass San Diego 10th
Mark Merila San Diego 33rd
Bill Mobilia Philadelphia 21st
1995 Wes Denning Montreal 17th
Shane Gunderson Minnesota 6th
Brian Mensink Philadelphia 10th
Andy Hammerschmidt San Diego 14th
1996 Steve Huls Minnesota 15th
1997 Mike Diebolt Detroit 7th
Bryan Guse San Francisco 23rd
1998 Jason Dobis Oakland 27th
Kai Freeman Chicago (AL) 12th
Craig Selander Minnesota 27th
1999 Brad Pautz Philadelphia 4th
Robb Quinlan Anaheim 10th
Matt Scanlon Minnesota 8th
Frank Wagner Milwaukee 12th
2000 Ben Birk Florida 24th
Rick Brousseau Toronto 16th
Andy Persby Minnesota 18th
2001 Jack Hannahan Detroit 3rd
Mike Kobow Detroit 27th
2002 Jason Kennedy Detroit 20th
2003 Luke Appert Oakland 6th
C.J. Woodrow Philadelphia 25th
Scott Welch Texas 33rd
2004 Glen Perkins Minnesota 1st (22nd overall)
Craig Molldrem Florida 8th
Sam Steidl Los Angeles 12th
2005 Matt Fornasiere Cleveland 12th
Jon Mueller Chicago (NL) 16th
Jake Elder Arizona 18th
Matt Loberg Cleveland 31st
2006 John Gaub Cleveland 21st
Derek McCallum Minnesota 50th
2007 Bryan Jost Chicago (NL) 44th
Dan Lyons Washington 14th
Mike Mee Arizona 16th
Gary Perinar Detroit 11th
2008 Kyle Carr Minnesota 12th
Nate Hanson Minnesota 28th
Matt Nohelty Minnesota 18th
2009 Derek McCallum Minnesota 4th
Eric Decker Minnesota 27th
Scott Matyas New York (AL) 29th
Tom Buske Florida 33rd
Cullen Sexton Milwaukee 37th
Matt Nohelty Seattle 38th
2010 Michael Kvasnicka Houston 1st (33rd)
Seth Rosin San Francisco 4th
Kyle Knudson Minnesota 9th
Scott Matyas Milwaukee 40th
2011 Justin Gominsky Houston 11th
Nick O'Shea Cincinnati 24th
AJ Pettersen Minnesota 25th
Scott Matyas Detroit 27th
Austin Lubinsky San Francisco 36th
TJ Oakes Minnesota 41st
2012 TJ Oakes Colorado 11th
2013 Tom Windle Los Angeles (Dodgers) 2nd
DJ Snelten San Francisco 9th
Drew Ghelfi Milwaukee 25th
2014 Alec Crawford Colorado 25th
Lucas Gilbreath* Colorado 36th
2015 Lance Thonvold Mariners 24th
Dalton Sawyer Twins 27th
Ben Meyer Marlins 29th
2016 Dalton Sawyer Athletics 9th
Matt Fiedler Cardinals 9th
Austin Athmann Tigers 14th
Jordan Jess Pirates 31st
Eli Wilson* Mariners 37th
2017 Lucas Gilbreath Rockies 7th
Brian Glowicki Cubs 10th
Max Meyer* Twins 34th
*Drafted out of high school prior to arriving on campus.


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