Prize Money

Participating in Prize Money Events
If you are a student-athlete considering participating in an event which awards prizes (e.g., cash, gift certificate, trust fund) to its participants, please read the following.
Below is a list of amateurism issues and examples of violations regarding current student-athletes competing in events offering money, or its equivalent, as a prize for participating.

A student-athlete becomes INELIGIBLE for intercollegiate competition when he or she:

  • Receives payment, which includes any type of payment, including actual and necessary expenses based on the individuals' place finish or performance;
    • Example: Johnny Superstar places third in a local road race and receives a free steak dinner at Ruth Chris for his performance.
  • Receives payment, which includes cash, or the equivalent thereof (e.g., gift certificate, trust fund), as an award for participation and competition at any time. In addition, an award or cash prize that an individual could not receive under NCAA legislation may not be forwarded in the individual's name to a different individual or agency;
    • Example: Freddy Fairway wins the St. Francis golf club tournament and receives a $100 gift certificate for the pro shop.
  • Receives payment, which includes actual and necessary expenses or any other form of compensation to participate in athletics competition from a sponsor;
    • Example: Spike Wilson, sponsored by Burrito Loco, wins the Twin Cities Triathlon
  • Uses his or her athletics skill (directly or indirectly) for pay in any form in that sport;
    • Example: Bonnie Backcourt receives a $1,000 cash prize for winning this year's Sprite Dunk Contest.
  • Accepts a promise of pay even if such pay is to be received following completion of intercollegiate athletics participation.
    • Example: For her MVP season, Sarah Slapshot accepts a new Ford Explorer to be given to her following her last collegiate competition.

Please check with your coach and the Compliance Office before competing in such events.

(report violations anonymously)


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