Countable Athletically Related Activities Compliance
What are the daily and weekly time limitations on countable athletically related activities?
Student-Athletes may not participate in countable athletically related activities for more than:
- 4 hours/day
-20 hours/day
Out-of-Season (during the academic year)
- 8 hours/week
- 2 hours of skill instruction/week
The daily and weekly hour limitations DO NOT apply to the following time periods:

During the preseason practice prior to the first day of classes for the first scheduled contest, whichever is earlier.

During an institution's term-time official vacation period (e.g., Thanksgiving, spring break), as listed in the University of Minnesota official calendar, and during the academic year between terms when classes are not in session.
Are student-athletes required to have a day off from countable athletically related activities?
During the academic year, student-athletes shall not engage in any countable athletically related activities on one day per week during the playing season and two days per week outside the playing season. The required day(s) off may occur on any day of the week and may change from week to week. A "week" is defined as any seven consecutive days, determined at the institution's discretion.
Below is a PARTIAL list of common activities defined as either countable or non-countable athletically related activities:

Countable Athletically Related Activities

Non-Countable Athletically Related Activities

Practices (not more than 4 hours per day)

Study Hall, tutoring or academic/compliance meetings

Athletics meetings initiated or required by a coach

Voluntary weight training not conducted by a coach or staff member

Competition (regardless of length, counted as 3 hours)
**Note - no countable athletically related activities may occur after the competition

Voluntary sport related activities (e.g. initiated by student-athlete, no attendance taken, no coach present)

Any field, floor or on-court activity

Recruiting Activities (e.g. student host)

Setting up of offensive or defensive alignment

Training room activities (e.g. treatment, taping, rehab)

Required weight-training or conditioning activities

Traveling to and from the site of competition

Any activity using issued equipment related to that sport

Student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) meetings

Required participation in camps/clinics

Training table meals

Visiting competition sites in the sports of cross country and golf

Fund-raising activities or public relations/promotional activities and community service projects

Participation outside the regular season in individual skill-related instructional activities with a member of the coaching staff

Meetings with a coach, initiated by the student-athlete (as long as no countable activities occur)

Discussion or review of game film

Attending banquets (e.g. awards or post-season banquets)

(report violations anonymously)


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