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AgentsIn the area of agents, advisors, and financial planners, NCAA legislation prohibits student-athletes from having any agreement, verbal or written, for representation either now or in the future. NCAA rules also prohibit student-athletes, their relatives or friends from receiving any benefits from an agent. Further, in the state of Minnesota it is a gross misdemeanor for an agent, with the intent to induce a student athlete to enter into an agency contract;  (1) Give any materially false or misleading information or make a materially false promise or representation; (2) Furnish anything of value to a student athlete before the student athlete enters into the agency contract; or (3) Furnish anything of value to any individual other than the student athlete or another registered athlete agent.  It is our expectation that our student-athletes and any agents who seek to contact them will adhere to these rules.

The University of Minnesota Athletic Department asks that agents, advisors and financial planners register with the Compliance Office prior to having any contact with a student-athlete with remaining athletic eligibility or their families so that we can ensure that they are properly educated regarding NCAA rules.

The University of Minnesota believes that our student-athletes should have the opportunity to discuss and make educated decisions about their future; however it is paramount that we protect the eligibility of our student-athletes and our institution. Please contact Jeremiah Carter Director of Athletic Compliance if you have any questions or (612) 626-5480.

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