Pride on Ice

"Pride On Ice" from Gopher Digital Productions returns for its third season and is presented Explore Minnesota and will feature eight episodes during the 2014-15 hockey season.

"Pride on Ice" is the mantra of Golden Gopher men's hockey -- it represents the proud tradition of college hockey's most storied program.

Release Schedule:
Episode 1: December 10
Episode 2: January 3
Episode 3: January 22
Episode 4: February 5
Episode 5: February 19
Episode 6: March 13
Episode 7: April 4
Episode 8: April 20
(Click here to watch Pride on Ice: Season 2)

  Gopher Digital Productions


Josh Blessing
Andrew Constans
Ryan Maus
Devin Pacheco
Alec Philippi
Garrett Wright

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In the season three premiere of Gopher Digital Productions' Emmy Award-winning web series "Pride on Ice", learn about captain Kyle Rau's hockey-centric upbringing and learn about what "unfinished business" the Gophers hope to complete this season.