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Purpose of the program:

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The Gopher Graduation Program (GGP) is an initiative of Gopher Athletics to help former student-athletes return to the U of M to complete their undergraduate degrees

  • The program is a partnership between Gopher Athletics and the Lindahl Academic Center

Who is Eligible?

Former student-athletes who are eligible for (re)admission into a degree program

Program Guidelines

  • The program is limited to undergraduate degrees only
    • Exceptions are those who were planning to earn teaching licensures or in the masters of accounting programs
  • Financial assistance is offered to those who received an athletics scholarship while they were at the U of M -- at a rate commensurate with the average amount they received through their career as a Gopher
  • Room and board are not included
  • Full tuition, fees and books is the maximum award
  • Applicants must have completed at least one full year at the U of M to be eligible for financial assistance -- those at the U of M from one up to two years may be awarded GGP aid that is less than the average scholarship level they received during their career as a Gopher
  • Former student-athletes who transfer from the U of M to another school to continue their collegiate athletics career are not eligible for the GGP
  • Applicants must personally take care of all previous financial holds on their U of M accounts
  • Once approved, future Gopher Graduation Program financial assistance will be contingent upon successful completion of coursework from one semester to the next

Application Protocol

  • Candidates must complete Gopher Graduation Program application
    • Fall/Summer Semester: Application deadline is
      May 1
    • Spring Semester: Application deadline is October 1
  • Candidates must complete a re-admission form and be re-admitted to the U of M
  • A formal graduation plan and letter of understanding will be developed with each applicant who is accepted into the program
  • Each applicant will have a Lindahl Academic Center counselor to work directly with and will also be eligible to receive assistance from the Lindahl Academic Center through use of computers, tutors and other services
  • GGP students below 13 credits in a given semester must complete a reduced credit form on the U of M’s One Stop website
  • GGP students must provide proof of insurance when they register for classes or contact Jim Praska if they do not have insurance

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GGP Team

  • Marc Ryan (, Senior Associate Athletics Director - Program Coordinator
  • JT Bruett (, Director of the Lindahl Academic Center
  • Chris Cords ( ), Lindahl Academic Center Program Liaison
  • Jim Praska (, Program Financial Aid Coordinator

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