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Ski-U-Mah Life is a new weekly feature from that will highlight some of the more than 750 Minnesota student-athletes outside of their athletic accomplishments.

 The Hammer - June 6
If you dust off your old “intro to psychology” textbook you might find Abraham Maslow’s iconic statement that, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Read More
 Storming Norman - May 16
Making its eighth NCAA appearance under Geoff Young this past weekend, the Gophers were looking for icing on the cake of another outstanding season. Read More
 Baseball & Fishing - April 19
Baseball is a sport with plenty of down time. Rain delays, batting practices and long road trips are among the many occasions when a college player finds himself looking to occupy the time between at-bats or appearances on the mound. Read More
 Rachel Rowland - March 9
Rachel Rowland thought she knew pressure. Many times, the Parker, Colo., native found herself ready to compete with the outcome of her gymnastics meet on the line. A teammate before her may have fallen, or a high score needed to secure the win. Read More
 Tyler Nanne - February 21
Tyler Nanne was a little kid when Xcel Energy Center first opened in 2000, and can recall the first time he had the chance to skate on its sheet of ice. Read More
 Jake Short - December 5
Wrestling is a tradition in Jake Short's family, so much so that his grandparents, father and uncles received an award from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as a family. Read More
 Bello Twins - November 17
They sometimes will finish each other's sentences, but ask them a question and you'll often get wildly different answers. Read More
 Eitan Yudashkin - November 9
Eitan Yudashkin knew he wanted to compete in Division I swimming. He just had to wait longer than the typical high school athlete for that dream to become reality. Read More
 Jackson Allen - November 2
Freshman Jackson Allen grew up in an athletic family, and when it came time to make his college choice he was getting plenty of advice. Read More
 Sydney Baldwin - October 26
Watching "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice" and "ER" on TV, Sydney Baldwin thought she might like to emulate the characters in those shows. Read More
 David Plummer - October 18
Top five answers on the board -- name a Gopher alum who appeared on primetime television recently. Read More
 Hamza Ali - October 11
"I was craving something at some point, and my mom didn't want to go buy it," Hamza Ali said. "So I was like, `I'll just look up how to make it and do it myself.'" Read More
 Women's Golf - October 4
Beyond its first three tournaments, the Minnesota women’s golf team has gained plenty of valuable experience off the course. The Gophers had their focus on helping those in need recently while hosting their annual Minnesota Invitational. Read More
 Gophers Honor Military, Champions - September 27
People often use similar vocabulary to describe football and the military -- sometimes with real-life examples. Not far removed from the glory of winning the 1967 Big Ten championship, team captain-turned-infantryman Tom Sakal found himself in waist-deep mud in the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Read More
 Rachel Wians - September 21
Rachel Wians hated going to the dentist as a kid. Growing up in Middleton, Wis., she never looked forward to her semi-annual checkups. It then may have come to a surprise to her parents when early in her college career, she decided to pursue a career in the dental field. Read More
 Campbell Fisher - September 12
Campbell Fisher was a little boy when four plane crashes shook the nation on Sept. 11, 2001. Still, the TV news footage of the terrorist attacks and their aftermath made an impression on him. Amid images of tragedy were examples of courage, and ubiquitous American flags. Read More
 State Fair - September 5
Nearly two million people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and beyond converge just outside the gates of the University of Minnesota's St. Paul campus for the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Read More
 Alice Zeimann - August 29
Alice Zeimann is 8,400 miles away from home, in the opposite hemisphere, in a country where "colour" and "favourite" drop their u's. All these differences were part of the deal with the New Zealander's longtime goal of playing collegiate volleyball in the United States. Read More
 Tori Burnett - August 23
On the shores of Lake Powell in Utah this summer, Tori Burnett was enjoying another blissful night on the road, setting up camp with her brother Derrick following another day of exploring North America's natural wonders. Read More

Dan Reisig is an associate director of athletic communications at the University of Minnesota, and a contributing writer to and Ski-U-Mah Magazine.

Justine Buerkle is an assistant director of athletic communications at the University of Minnesota, and a contributing writer to and Ski-U-Mah Magazine.

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