"G-60" is a regular interview feature series from GopherSports.com, showcasing the personalities of Golden Gopher student athletes in just 60 seconds. Watch the most recent feature below, and be sure to watch previous episodes!

Interview #36 (May 31) - Michael Sicora (Gopher Men's Tennis)

Previous G-60 Features:

G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #1
Football's MarQueis Gray
G-60 #2
Volleyball's Jessica Granquist
 G-60 #3
Cross Country's Sean Olson
G-60 #4
Volleyball's Mia Tabberson
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #5
Soccer's Shari Eckstrom
G-60 #6
Football's Kim Royston

G-60 #7
Soccer's Nicole Baier

G-60 #8
Volleyball's Hailey Cowles
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #9
Cross Country's Missa Varpness
G-60 #10
Women's Hockey's Megan Bozek

G-60 #11
Women's Basketball's Micaëlla Riché

G-60 #12
Men's Basketball's Ralph Sampson III
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #13
Wrestling's Zach Sanders
G-60 #14
Women's Hockey's Kelly Terry

G-60 #15
Women's Basketball's Rachel Banham

G-60 #16
Men's Gymnastics Zack Chase
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #17
Women's Hockey's Emily West
G-60 #18
Men's Hockey's Zach Budish
G-60 #19
Men's Gymnastics' Adam Kern
G-60 #20
Men's Basketball's Rodney Williams
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #21
Men's Hockey's Nick Bjugstad
G-60 #22
Women's Basketball's Kiara Buford
G-60 #23
Men's Hockey's Nate Condon
G-60 #24
Gopher Women's Hockey
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #25
Women's Gymnastics' Lucy Ennis
G-60 #26
Women's Gymnastics' Shannon Golich

G-60 #27
Softball's Tyler Walker
G-60 #28
Baseball's Matt Puhl
G:60 G:60 G:60 G:60
G-60 #29
Women's Tennis' Alexa Palen
G-60 #30
Softball's Bree Blanchette

G-60 #31
Women's Tennis' Julia Courter

G-60 #32
Men's Tennis' Julian Dehn

Schlangen Arndt Skrove Sicora
G-60 #33
Baseball's Kurt Schlangen

G-60 #34
Men's Tennis' Phillip Arndt

G-60 #35
Softball's Dannie Skrove
G-60 #36
Men's Tennis' Michael Sicora
G-60 #37
Baseball's Billy Soule

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