Men's Gymnastics Meet Results

Minnesota vs. Illinois/Stanford/Iowa/CNT/UM Club

Host: University of Minnesota
Date: February 13, 2016
Location: Sports Pavilion
Venue: Home Meet
Contents: Event Results Team Results
  Floor Exercise Team Standing
  Pommel Horse University of Minnesota
  Rings Canadian National Team
  Vault Illinois
  Parallel Bars Iowa
  Horizontal Bar Stanford
  All Around UMN Club Team
    Judge List


Team Standing  (Top)
Place  Team Score 
1  University of Minnesota  
1  Iowa  
1  Stanford  
1  Illinois  
1  Canadian National Team  
1  UMN Club Team  


University of Minnesota  (Top)
Head Coach:  Mike Burns
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Luke Aldrich              
 Ryan Bergman              
 Daniel DiBenedetto              
 Team Totals              


Canadian National Team  (Top)
Head Coach:  Tony Smith
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Rene Cournoyer              
 Ken Ikeda              
 Damien Cachia              
 Mathieu Csukassy              
 Team Totals              


Illinois  (Top)
Head Coach:  Justin Spring
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Bobby Baker              
 Logan Bradley              
 Tyson Bull              
 Alex Diab              
 Team Totals              


Iowa  (Top)
Head Coach:  JD Reive
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Todd Beyer              
 Andrew Botto              
 Jack Boyle              
 Jake Brodarzon              
 Cyrus Dobre-Mofid              
 Team Totals              


Stanford  (Top)
Head Coach:  Thomas Glielmi
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Jacob Barrus              
 Grant Breckenridge              
 Drew Burton              
 Jonathan Deaton              
 Jordan DeClerk              
 Team Totals              


UMN Club Team  (Top)
Head Coach:  UV Vasquez
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Eric Huang              
 Tommy Hodges              
 Ellis Mannon              
 AV Kahane              
 Alex Getz              
 Team Totals              


Floor Exercise Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Alex Getz  UMN Club Team  
1  Tommy Hodges  UMN Club Team  
1  Eric Huang  UMN Club Team  
1  AV Kahane  UMN Club Team  
1  Ellis Mannon  UMN Club Team  


Pommel Horse Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Bobby Baker  Illinois  
1  Logan Bradley  Illinois  
1  Tyson Bull  Illinois  
1  Alex Diab  Illinois  


Rings Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Luke Aldrich  University of Minnesota  
1  Ryan Bergman  University of Minnesota  
1  Daniel DiBenedetto  University of Minnesota  


Vault Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Damien Cachia  Canadian National Team  
1  Rene Cournoyer  Canadian National Team  
1  Mathieu Csukassy  Canadian National Team  
1  Ken Ikeda  Canadian National Team  


Parallel Bars Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Todd Beyer  Iowa  
1  Andrew Botto  Iowa  
1  Jack Boyle  Iowa  
1  Jake Brodarzon  Iowa  
1  Cyrus Dobre-Mofid  Iowa  


Horizontal Bar Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Jacob Barrus  Stanford  
1  Grant Breckenridge  Stanford  
1  Drew Burton  Stanford  
1  Jordan DeClerk  Stanford  
1  Jonathan Deaton  Stanford  


Meet Judges  (Top)
 Event  Number  Name  Rating
 Floor  Judge 1  Dave Williams  Brevet
   Judge 2  Forrest Francis  Brevet
 Horse  Judge 1  Ron Hill  National
   Judge 2  Pat Fortunato  Brevet
 Rings  Judge 1  Brian Meeker  National
   Judge 2  Keith Heaver  National
 Vault  Judge 1  Tom Dunn  National
   Judge 2  Steve Jaciuk  Brevet
 Pbars  Judge 1  James Goulet  National
   Judge 2  Mike Kramer  Brevet
 Bar  Judge 1  Aaron Fortunato  Brevet
   Judge 2  Bob Wuornos  Brevet


 PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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