Mariucci Arena Open Skating

Open skate times are from 11:15 am-1:00 pm Monday-Friday (September-May, see monthly calendar below) while school is in session. In the event of a home hockey series open skating will not be available. There are no sticks allowed during open skate times. Also a reminder that these open skate times are for 'public skating' and NOT for 'freestyle skating', please refrain from jumping. Please call 612-625-6648 for more information..

Mariucci Arena Entrance
1901 4th Street S.E.
Minnepolis, MN 55455

Open Skating Schedule
Arrow April 2016
Arrow May 2016

Open Skate Fees
Students - $2.00
Staff/Faculty - $3.00
Public - $3.50
Child (12 years and under) - $2.50
Season Pass Per Semester (U of M Students/Staff/Faculty) - $50.00
Skate Rental - $3.00
Skate Rental Card Per Semester (P.E. Classes only, not eligible for open skate sessions) - $50.00
Skate Sharpening - $5.00

Misc Items
Skate Sharpening - $5.00
Tape - $3.00
Laces - $3.00
Mouthguards - $2.00
Stick Wax - $4.00

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