Courtside with Corbu: Playing the Point

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In the newest episode of "Courtside with Corbu" for the week of Dec. 20, 2011, Gopher Radio Network voice Corbu Stathes goes inside the mind of Gopher point guard Rachel Banham, seeing how the freshman from Lakeville handles the point guard position.

There are special guest appearances by sophomore Sari Noga and team manager Alex Antonen, while Stathes takes a turn at playing a little defense.

Get to Know Nicole Mastey

| No TrackBacks recently sat down with senior guard Nicole Mastey to learn a little bit more about how she spent her summer, what it's like to play basketball with her twin sister and her plans following graduation. 

What did you get to do last summer?
"I went to Ireland in May and I got to spend three and a half weeks in Dublin and Belfast, so I got to see a lot of Northern Ireland. And then, got to see more of the tourist side down in Dublin. My favorite part would have been when we spent a night at Corrymeela, which is kind of a camp-like atmosphere. There were a lot of group bonding activities, like team activities, so we learned a lot about each other in the group and it was a very good experience."

What is it like to play basketball with your twin sister, Brianna?
"I've always wanted to continue playing basketball with Brianna. She has always been my role model. I have always grown up watching her play, so now that I get to be in college and play with her, it's kind of a dream come true. We get to share this experience together and it's something that we'll never forget."

What do you hope to do once you graduate from the U?
"I am actually working on getting an internship with a youth center called "The Garage" in Burnsville. They kind of already told me that I could potentially have a job position with them after, so I'm really hoping that will work out for me, because I have been volunteering there and I love the kids. They want someone there who can facilitate sports activities, so I'm thinking I might be the perfect one for that."

Get to Know Alex Ionescu

| No TrackBacks recently sat down with freshman guard Alex Ionescu to learn a little bit more about why she decided to come to Minnesota, what she plans to major in and her favorite American food. 

Why did you decide to come to the U?
"Because of the cold weather. Haha. No, it was always my dream to play college basketball, and Coach Borton came to Romania two days before my surgery. That was very important to me."

What type of surgery did you have?
"ACL surgery on my left leg."

What do you want to major in at the U?
"I want to major in retail merchandising apparel, and maybe minor in journalism."

What is your favorite American food>
"Ummm... Bacon. We don't have bacon in Romania. I mean, some people eat it, but it's not something specifically Romanian."

Get to Know Sari Noga

| 1 Comment | No TrackBacks recently sat down with sophomore guard Sari Noga to learn a little bit more about what her major is, her favorite part about being a Gopher and what she likes best about Gopher fans. 

What is your major here at the U?
"As of right now, I'm planning on majoring in mortuary science, which is also known as the funeral business. Since I am a mortuary science major, the little pun line is that I will never be out of business."
What is your favorite part about being on the women's basketball team?
"My favorite part is just hanging out with my teammates, traveling and just kind of becoming a family all together."

What are you most excited for this season?
"What I'm most excited about this season is just getting out there. Just finally getting out there and putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together and playing some Gopher basketball."

What is the best thing about Gopher fans?
"The best thing about the fans is just how into the game they are. They are trying to get us going on a rally or even coming down in the final seconds of the shot clock, just helping get us pumped up and keep us going throughout the game."

On the Road with the Golden Gophers

| No TrackBacks takes fans on the road with the Minnesota women's basketball squad as its plays three games in three days at the WBI Tip Off Classic in sunny and warm Daytona Beach, Fla.

The Gophers arrived in the Sunshine State Thursday night, before opening the 2011-12 season with a 68-60 victory over Arkansas Friday night on lucky 11-11-11.

Follow along with their journey day-by-day in a series of videos. Enjoy!

Blog: Get to Know Brianna Mastey

| No TrackBacks recently sat down with senior guard Brianna Mastey to learn a little bit more about what she did over the summer, how she likes being a twin and her plans for life after graduation.

On what she did this summer
"The big thing I did this summer was my internship with the Lynx. It was very exciting. I got to spend my whole summer around basketball and around some great players, and I got to learn a lot about the game from players who've been around for a long time, like Seimone and Taj is a big veteran. I was able to go to their games, every game, work with them and just learn a lot about the game, so that was exciting."

On being a twin
"I love being a twin. You have someone by your side all the time. No matter what you want to do I can usually drag her along, but she's always there to talk to and I always have someone to do something with so it's great!"

On her plans after graduation
"I am actually hoping I'll get back to my internship with the Lynx. I had a great time time with that and I am also going to return to my YMCA job I had teaching basketball classes and hopefully getting more opportunities within the YMCA there, so those are the things I'm looking forward to."

Golden Gophers Attend Big Ten Media Day

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Head women's basketball coach Pam Borton, along with senior captains Kiara Buford and Jackie Voigt, attended Big Ten Basketball Media Day Thursday after arriving in Chicago Wednesday night.

As soon as the trio arrived in the Windy City, Borton headed off with the rest of the Big Ten head coaches to Gibson's Steakhouse, while Burford and Voigt took the shuttle with their league conterparts to Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse for dinner and mingling.

Following a long day of classes, practice and traveling, it was time to hit the sheets to get a good night's rest for the events that were scheduled for Thursday morning.

Borton started media day off with a Big Ten Network interview, a photoshoot and a short chat with former Golden Gopher standout Emily Fox, who was working with the Big Ten Network. The head coach then headed upstairs for her press conference, which was streamed live on

While Borton had a short break, Buford and Voigt headed downstairs for their BTN photoshoot and then had the surprise of having Fox interview them for their Big Ten Network video shoot.

The trio ended Big Ten Media Day with one-on-one roundtable interviews in the ballroom, before hopping on the plane back to Minneapolis.

Behind the Scenes - Video Shoot

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Photo Gallery

Members of the Minnesota women's basketball team had a fun time shooting videos for the 2011-12 season Tuesday afternoon at Williams Arena. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the squad filming their headshots for starting lineups and in-game question and answer segments, as well as other exciting videos that fans will have attend a home game to see.

Go Gophers!
Go Gophers!

A Day in the Life of Kiara Buford

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Have you ever been curious as to what the average day in the life of a student-athlete entailed? recently tagged along with senior guard Kiara Buford of the Minnesota women's basketball team to find out exactly what a day in her life is like, and even got a tour of her dorm room.

Watch as Buford travels from weights at Ridder Arena, to class with her teammates, to practice at Williams Arena and back to her apartment, all beginning at 6 a.m.

Below is a quick rundown of her day:
6:00 a.m. - Wake up
6:30 a.m. - Leave apartment
6:45-7:30 a.m. - Weight training at Ridder Arena
8:00 a.m. - Walk to class
8:15-9:30 a.m. - Class
9:30-11:00 a.m. - Relax, nap and eat
11:30 a.m. - Arrive at Williams Arena for practice
12:00-3:00 p.m. - Practice
3:10 p.m. - Ice bath in the training room
3:35 p.m. - Training Table
4:10 p.m. - Back to apartment
4:10-???? - Do homework and hit the sheets  

Special thanks to Jess Lemanski for putting the video together!

Tip Off Dinner Great Success

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Go Gophers! Pam Borton at Tip Off Dinner
Go Gophers!Go Gophers!

After taking a year off from hosting a tip-off dinner, the Minnesota women's basketball team reestablished its annual event for the 2011-12 season at Crave in Edina Monday night.

"The atmosphere was amazing and we had a nice turnout," head coach Pam Borton said of the event. "It was a great evening and we had a lot of fun. It turned out to be a pretty exciting event and a huge success with the fans."

Nearly 60 loyal fans were able to interact with the entire Golden Gopher coaching staff, including Borton and assistant coaches Curtis Loyd, Ted Riverso and Kelly Roysland. Fans heard a season preview about the team and were also able to as the staff any question that was on their minds.  

"It is a great thing for us to be that accessible to our fans," Borton continued. "Each of us were able to answer their questions in front of the entire group. This is defnitely an event that we can build off of in the years to come."