Goodwin Qualifying

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The Gophers are practicing in Arizona over spring break, and are conducting team qualifying for the Goodwin hosted by Stanford. Jose Mendez and Riley Johnson are exempt. There will be one automatic qualifier and two coaches' picks.

On Friday, the Gophers played a dual match with Dartmouth and won 288 to 303. Riley Johnson won individually with a 4-under 68. The match also served as the sixth round of qualifying, and scores counted double.

Round 1: DC Ranch CC - Par 72 - 6,920 Yards
Round 2: Tegaveh GC - Par 72 - 7,229 Yards
Round 3: Desert Mountain Outlaw Course - Par 72 - 7,107 Yards
Round 4: Desert Mountain Apache Course - Par 72 - 7,156 Yards
Round 5: Phoenix CC - Par 71 - 6,763 Yards
Round 6: Desert Mountain Renegade Course - Par 72 - 7,435 Yards (Dual Match with Dartmouth)

1. Jose Mendez 71-71-74-exempt-72-75--exempt
2. Riley Johnson 76-80-74-exempt-70-68--exempt 
3. Jon DuToit 74-75-72-67-67-73(x2)--501
4. Matt Rachey 72-76-72-73-76-73(x2)--515
5. Runar Arnorsson 77-75-73-73-73-74(x2)--519
6. Charlie Duensing 79-76-77-77-73-71(x2)--524
7. Daniel Luftspring 82-74-78-70-81-70(x2)--525
8. Grady Meyer 76-75-73-82-74-75(x2)--530
9. Tyler Lowenstein 89-75-73-77-74-76(x2)--540
10. William Leaf 76-86-76-71-79-79(x2)--547

The travel squad for the Goodwin will be announced on Twitter (
@GopherMGolf/@coachjcarlson) and Facebook (Minnesota Men's Golf).

Royal Oaks Qualifying

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The Gophers finished their qualifying tournament Wednesday for the Royal Oaks Intercollegiate (Oct. 27-28). Six Gophers will play in Dallas, with five scores counting toward the team score each round. Jose Mendez, Matt Rachey, Riley Johnson, Runar Arnorsson, Daniel Luftspring and Grady Meyer will travel.

Qualifying Scores
Round 1 - Oct. 19 - Wayzata CC - Par 72 - 7,106 Yards
Round 2 - Oct. 21 - Interlachen CC - Par 72 - 6,981 Yards
Round 3 - Oct. 22 - Southview CC - Par 71 - 6,512 Yards
Runar Arnorsson 82-72-73--227
Charlie Duensing 79-78-72--229
Daniel Luftspring 73-82-76--231
Grady Meyer 80-74-81--235
William Leaf 76-79-81--237
Tyler Lowenstein 81-85-72--238

Exempt from qualifying but played Interlachen on Tuesday:
Jose Mendez 70
Matt Rachey 74

Windon Memorial Qualifying

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The Golden Gophers' next tournament will be the Windon Memorial Classic in Evanston, Ill. (Sept. 21-22). Team qualifying determined the final three spots on the travel roster.

Seven Gophers competed for two automatic spots and one coach's pick. (Tyler Lowenstein and Jose Mendez are exempt from qualifying, and Charlie Duensing did not compete due to a mandatory academic trip.)

Matt Rachey and Runar Arnorsson finished first and second in qualifying to secure a trip to Evanston. Daniel Luftspring was the coaches' pick. Those three will join Mendez and Lowenstein. Full qualifying results are below.

Friday, Sept. 12 - Troy Burne GC (Par 71 - 7,100 yards)
Tuesday, Sept. 16 - Les Bolstad GC (Par 71 - 6,570 yards)
Wednesday, Sept. 17 - Minneapolis GC (Par 72 - 7,050 yards)
Final Standings
Matt Rachey 74-69-72--215 (+1)
Runar Arnorsson 76-71-72--219 (+5)
Daniel Luftspring 76-71-73--220 (+6)
Grady Meyer 76-76-71--223 (+9)
William Leaf 81-71-72--224 (+10)
Riley Johnson 79-74-75--225 (+11)
Jon DuToit 81-78-75--234 (+20)

NCAA Regional Squad Set

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The Golden Gophers played a three-round qualifying tournament to determine the final spot in their NCAA Regional lineup, and freshman Grady Meyer earned the trip to Raleigh, North Carolina. He will join Jose Mendez, Jon Trasamar, Alex Gaugert and Jon DuToit.

The Gophers played at Minikahda Club, Troy Burne GC and Hazeltine National GC. Combined scores are below.

Grady Meyer +14
Matt Rachey +17
Tyler Lowenstein +21

Play at the Raleigh Regional begins on Thursday, May 15 and goes through Saturday, May 17. The top five teams advance to the NCAA Championships.

Big Ten Championships Coverage

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Minnesota's Big Ten title created a buzz in the golf world and on social media. We collected some of the media coverage and tweets from the Gophers' exciting accomplishment. 
* (includes photo gallery)

And a few "first since" notes:
*The Gophers won their first team Big Ten title since 2007.
*Jose Mendez was the program's first Big Ten medalist since Matt Anderson in 2003.
*It was the first time since 2003 that the Gophers won both the team and individual competition.
*Mendez was the first freshman medalist since Eric Chun (Northwestern) in 2009.

Hawkeye Invitational Qualifying

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The Gopher men's golf team will play at the Hawkeye Invitational this weekend (April 12-13). The team held a qualifying tournament to determine the travel squad. Jon Trasamar and Jose Mendez were exempt. The Gophers played at Wakonda Club in Des Moines, Iowa, and Pioneer Creek GC in Maple Plain, Minn.

The travel squad will be Mendez, Trasamar, Alex Gaugert, Jon DuToit and Matt Rachey. Qualifying scores are below:

Alex Gaugert 213
Matt Rachey 219
Jon DuToit 221
Grady Meyer 231
Tyler Lowenstein 234
Daniel Luftspring 239

Duck Invitational Qualifying

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The Gophers held a qualifying tournament to determine their lineup for Oregon's Duck Invitational (March 24-25). Matt Rachey made the travel squad with the low 72-hole score. Jose Mendez, Alex Gaugert, Jon Trasamar and Jon DuToit were exempt.

Courses the Gophers played for the qualifier:
Round 1: Raven GC at Verrado - par 72 and 7,268 yards
Round 2: DC Ranch CC - par 71 and 7,060 yards
Round 3: Greyhawk Raven Course - par 72 and 7,180 yards
Round 4: Phoenix CC - par 71 and 6,763 yards

Matt Rachey 78-82-76-69--305
Daniel Luftspring 78-72-80-76--306
Grady Meyer 83-77-71-76--307
Charlie Braniff 81-86-78-76--321
Tyler Lowenstein 89-78-72-82--321
Genki Hirayama 80-83-82-77--322

Del Walker Qualifying

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The Minnesota men's golf team will play in the Del Walker Classic in Long Beach, Calif., on Monday, March 3 and Tuesday, March 4. The Gophers held a qualifying tournament at Desert Mountain's Cochise Course and Outlaw Course in Scottsdale, Ariz. Both courses have a par of 72.

Jose Mendez was exempt from qualifying. There will be three automatic qualifiers and one coaches' pick. Alex Gaugert led the way at the Cochise Course with a scorching 8-under 64, while Jon Trasamar's even-par 72 was the team's best score at the Outlaw Course.

Below are the scores from both rounds.

Alex Gaugert 64-75--139 (-5)
Jon Trasamar 72-72--144 (E)
Jose Mendez 71-75--146 (+2)
Matt Rachey 74-74--148 (+4)
Jon DuToit 72-77--149 (+5)
Tyler Lowenstein 78-79--157 (+13)
Grady Meyer 82-84--166 (+22)

The travel team for the Del Walker Classic, announced Wednesday, will be Mendez, DuToit, Gaugert, Trasamar and Rachey.

Kiawah Invitational Qualifying

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This weekend, the Minnesota men's golf team will play its final tournament of the fall. The Gophers will travel to Kiawah Island, S.C., for the Kiawah Island Invitational (Nov. 3-5). The team held a qualifying tournament to determine the travel roster.

Jose Mendez, Jon Trasamar and Alex Gaugert were exempt from qualifying. Matt Rachey automatically qualified by finishing with the top score. Tyler Lowenstein win a nine-hole playoff against Jon DuToit at TPC Twin Cities on Thursday to determine the final spot.

The first round of qualifying took place on Friday, Oct. 25 at Southview Country Club, a par-71, 6,520-yard course. Round 2 was Monday at Interlachen Country Club, a par-72, 6,985-yard course. The third round took place at Wayzata Country Club (par-72, 7,108 yards). Only 15 holes counted on both Monday and Tuesday due to conflicts with class, and those scores are noted in parentheses.

Matt Rachey 74(+3)(+1) = +7#
Jon DuToit 74(+1)(+4) = +8
Tyler Lowenstein 78(+2)(-1) = +8*
Grady Meyer 81(+5)(+4) = +20
Charlie Braniff 79(+8)(+7) = +23
Daniel Luftspring 82(+4)(+7) = +23
Genki Hirayama 80(+11)(+7) = +27

#Automatic qualifier
*Won nine-hole playoff for final travel spot

Alister MacKenzie Qualifying

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The Gophers held a qualifying tournament to determine the travel squad for the Alister MacKenzie Classic (Oct. 14-15). On Saturday, they played at Minikahda Club, which is a par-72 course playing at 6,811 yards. Round 2 on Sunday was at Edina Country Club, a par-72, 6,676-yard course. The third and final round was at Minneapolis Golf Club on Monday. Scores from the first two rounds are below.

Jose Mendez was exempt, and there were three automatic qualifiers and one coaches' pick. The five Gophers traveling to California are noted with stars.

*Jose Mendez 77-71--148 (missed round 3 due to class)
*Alex Gaugert 72-75-69--216
*Jon Trasamar 71-77-73--221
*Tyler Lowenstein 71-76-76--223
*Jon DuToit 75-76-74--225
Matt Rachey 76-75-76--227
Charlie Braniff 78-78-74--230
Grady Meyer 78-78-76--232
Daniel Luftspring 81-77-81--239
Genki Hirayama 87-78-83--248