Softball Summer Blog #6: Sydney Fabian

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My summer has been one for the books. The excitement of summer began almost immediately after the excitement of season ended. About a week after our super regional appearance I got on a plane and headed to Vietnam.  

I was blessed to work with a program for student-athletes called Coach For College. The purpose of the program is to promote higher education through sport. I taught baseball and English to sixth and seventh graders in rural Vietnam. We taught young people the various skills you can learn from sports, and how they can apply those skills to learning and continuing their education passed middle school and even high school. 

In Vietnam it is not uncommon for kids to stop their education after middle school due to the exams to get into high school and university being too tough to pass. I learned so much through my experience with Coach for College. Being able to travel to the other side of the world is a remarkable and life-changing experience and I encourage everyone, if they have the opportunity, to do it.

After my return from Vietnam, I headed straight to campus so I could reunite with my team and we could start our various summer adventures. I spent a lot of time at my roommate Paige's cabin. There, we enjoyed swimming, water tubing, water sports, and relaxing in the sun. Paige and I agree that her cabin is the greatest place on earth (refer back to Paige's blog). 

Along with the cabin, I have volunteered for the MAC center, gone to numerous Twins games and concerts, and have spent time at my house hanging out with my family. I also have a part time job working at a bakery where I deliver and set up wedding cakes. It's a very fun job and I have yet to drop a cake...knock on wood. 

To end the summer, you can find me at the State Fair working in the Fresh French Fries booth. I have great friends at the booth and it will be a great finish to a great summer! Thanks for taking the time to read about my summer, I hope all of yours are going as well as mine! 

Go Gophers! 

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