Softball Summer Blog #5: Hannah Melick

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Hey Gopher fans! This summer has sure been one for the books for me. After an amazing season, I returned back home to Washington to spend some time with my family. It was nice relaxing, spending quality time with my parents, spending time with my dog, and of course having a home cooked meal every night. It too quickly came to an end because summer classes were starting. 

I couldn't wait to get back to campus to start working out with my teammates and Coach Y again. You just don't get the same satisfaction working out alone at home than you do grinding out a circuit with your teammates--or hitting buckets upon buckets of balls out at Jane Sage Cowles Stadium on a gorgeous sunny morning. 

I took three classes this summer, which is a pretty big load for summer term, so I have been very busy with school. I took my second year of American Sign Language--it is by far my favorite class on campus. I also took Abnormal Psychology and Psychology Research Methods, which are always more interesting to me than any math or science classes. Two of my classes have now come to an end so I have more time to do other cool things, rather than stressing about school all the time.

Coach Merchant got called out to do the Chillin 4 Charity challenge and a couple of us girls got asked to be the ones to dump water on her. I will never pass up the opportunity to dump freezing ice water on Coach, especially when it was for such a great cause.  

A lot of us have been volunteering and I got the chance to go to and elementary school to play with kids one day. I think I actually had more fun than the kids did. Anissa Lightner is awesome and always provides volunteering options multiple times a week, so you always have the opportunity to go if you would like. 

Nothing will beat taking the field with my team everyday, but it is nice to be able to have so much time to do other things with them during the summer. For example, a couple of us went out to Erica Meyer's house for the Fourth of July and had a blast. We went tubing, fishing, made burgers, and had a bonfire to watch an awesome firework show at the end of the day. Erica really knows how to whip you off the inner tube. Other things we have done are: rollerbladed around Lake Calhoun, floated down the Apple River, seen Minnehaha Falls, walked to the Stone Arch Bridge, and gone to Twins games. 

This summer has been awesome. Our team is putting in so much work and we are all incredibly excited to start back up in a month when all the newcomers get on campus. It's thrilling to know that everyone is getting better in the offseason so that we pick back up better than where we ended. I know the incoming class is bringing in a lot of good talent, which will only boost us further than where we made it last season.  Can't wait to see you all at our pre-season games in the fall!

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