Softball Summer Blog #2: Erika Smyth

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Hi Gopher Softball fans! I have had an amazing summer thus far. As a Washington native, it has been nice to see some rain this summer but nothing beats the warm sunshine we have been getting recently. I have had a fairly busy schedule throughout each week for the summer of 2014. You can either find me in the weight room, on the field, in the classroom, or in a small office in Mariucci Arena making some sales for Gopher Sports.

I hope everyone had a fun summer and great Fourth of July weekend--I know I have had an amazing time! I was lucky enough to go out on an incredible yacht on Lake Minnetonka and experience the fun of "Big Island" for the fourth. All I can say is: WOW. The houses on Lake Minnetonka are unbelievable. Thankfully, I was able to experience my great Fourth of July with some of my best friends (and fellow Gopher student-athletes) Kendal Shell, Rachel Banham, and Andre Hollins.

I'm currently taking one class this summer and working a job as a fan relations representative in the sales and services department at the University of Minnesota. Typically, I work Monday through Thursday with hours ranging from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For the most part, my job consists of answering phone calls in regards to Gopher Sports, creating up sale opportunities for season ticket holders, and handling all calls with great care and the best customer service that anyone could ever offer. I am VERY thankful that I work in an office with a great manager and supervisor and some hilarious coworkers (let's hope they all read this blog). The class that I am taking is actually called a "Field Experience" where there aren't many face-to-face meetings. This class is required in my major, business and marketing, and my job actually qualifies as my "Field Experience" for this class. By the end of summer I am required to finish and turn in a portfolio of my experiences as a fan relations representative.

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The summer is definitely special this year because a lot of my teammates were able to stay on campus. It's always great to build camaraderie over the "offseason" doing our tough workouts together. With the way Coach Y (our strength & conditioning coach, Sara Wiley) is kicking our butts this summer with her workouts, the future looks bright and buff for this team.

It has also been nice to work with Coach Allister, Coach Merchant, and Coach Ritter for the camps that have taken place on our field throughout the summer. One of my favorite things to do is work these camps for Gopher Softball and Coach Allister; nothing is better than seeing kids get better at softball. Running these camps definitely makes me miss playing and practicing on Jane Sage Cowles with the team.

Speaking of Gopher Softball withdrawals, I was happy to see the Big Ten Network replaying the Big Ten Softball Championship game this past Tuesday night. It's hard to decide what my favorite part of that incredible game was. Obviously the Sammy Macken walk-off was awesome, but I'm going to have to go with the slow-mo of Kaitlyn Richardson sprinting around the bases after her home run.

Other than that, I have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the summer. I will continue to prepare and work hard to ensure a solid senior season. I'm excited for the freshmen to get on campus so we can all get to work together and let them know the high expectations for Gopher softball next season. 


I will continue to have fun spending time with my amazing teammates. In fact, I'll be heading to the Imagine Dragons and Atmosphere All-Star Game Concert this coming weekend with Sydney Fabian, Hannah Granger, and Erica Meyer. Speaking of Bert, happy 21st birthday to my great teammate! I expect to see you all at Jane Sage Cowles stadium this coming fall!

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