Camps Give Back to Smile Network

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The J Robinson Intensive Camps aren't just making wrestlers better as athletes, but as individuals. Along with teaching the core values of discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, accountability and service, the camps also teaches them to give back to a worthy cause.

The 37-year head coach and his youth camps donated $5,701 to the Smile Network International and presented a check towards the non-profit organization at their monthly luncheon, Thursday, Jan. 23 in Minneapolis.

The Smile Network is a Minnesota-based non-profit, humanitarian organization that provides life altering, reconstructive surgeries and related health care services to impoverished children and young adults in developing countries. For every $500 raised, the Smile Network has the ability to perform a surgery on a child or adult.

Each summer, youth wrestlers who attend the J Robinson Intensive Camps have the opportunity to donate money towards the Smile Network. At the conclusion, Robinson Intensive Camps match the total youth donation, all of which goes directly towards the Smile Network. Now in its fifth year donating towards the Smile Network, the camps have raised over $7,000 in just the past two seasons.

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