Captain's Corner: Travel Must-Haves

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This weekend the Golden Gophers will travel for the first time this season for a match against the Cyclones in Ames, Iowa. I sat down with captains Katie Thyken and MacKenzie Misel to talk about their travel "must-haves" in preparation for the trip. Here's what they had to say about what they can't live without when they are on the road! Go Gophers!

  1. My orange crocks 
  2. My own bag of sour patch kids
  3. A CD case full of movies
  4. Either my panda pillow pet, Peter, or my Dalmatian stuffed dog, Max
  5. A deck of cards and possibly a cribbage board
  1. Extra contacts/glasses because I have horrible vision and to be without them, especially during a game would be a tragedy for me. 
  2. My pillow/blanket. I am probably the only current player who cannot read/study on road trips due to motion sickness so I try to sleep the entire time. 
  3. Electronics and their chargers. (iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer)
  4. Nail polish/remover because I have to have my nails done.
  5. A good attitude. - Traveling can get stressful especially when you are in a group of 20+ and there is lots of equipment.

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