Docherty Ready for First Trip to Eugene

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Before junior Laura Docherty left for Oregon, I was able to chat with her a few times about the trip, the race and just the aura of Track Town USA. Similar to me, she had never been to Eugene, so we both had the same excitement in our eyes that you used to get as a kid on Christmas morning. The only difference is that she would be experiencing "runner's paradise" in a handful of hours, while my wish would remain just that...a wish.

During her trip, she will get to see all that Eugene has to offer along with a possibility of visiting the Pacific Ocean, which is roughly an hour away, so I can see why she is getting antsy for this experience.

Before she left, Michael Rand, who is the College Sports Editor for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, came to interview her for a feature, which is in today's paper or online here. Along with the article, he compares his running ability to that of Docherty's.

We will cut Rand some slack since Docherty is an elite collegiate athlete.

In another tweet Rand also mentioned Docherty's quest to break the school record in the 5,000 meters, which is currently held by Megan Duwell with a time of 16:04.55 (2010). The St. Paul, Minn. native qualified for the NCAA Championships by running a personal-best time of 16:10.63, so she is on the heels of accomplishing that feat, especially with how fast the 24-person race in Eugene is expected to be. Docherty already broke the school record for the 10,000 meters (33:24:93) earlier this season at a high-profile meet at Stanford, so can we expect/hope for the same results? Possibly, and if she would break Duwell's record, Docherty would be the on first Gopher in over 30 years to hold both records at the same time.

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