Gophers Visit Minnesota Children's Hospital

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The University of Minnesota women's basketball team used its extra time during winter break to make a special visit to the Minnesota Children's Hospital on Monday afternoon. The Golden Gophers were guests on Children's TV! Star Studio, which is the hospital's very own in-house TV channel, where they co-hosted BINGO with "The Dude".

Upon arrival, the Gophers were given the rundown on the parts they would play in the show and helped "The Dude" come up with funny introductions for each player. After a quick run through, BINGO began at 1:30 p.m., with members of the team getting introduced individually. Freshman Jane Thompson, senior Katie Loberg and sophomore Rachel Banham each served co-hosts during the three BINGO sessions.

Each session had three winners, with patients (or their family members) calling in live to the studio to check their numbers and confirm their BINGO. Each call was recorded and the winners were each delivered prizes.

Whenever a BINGO was confirmed, the studio turned into a dance party, with the Gophers showing off their best moves in celebration of the winning card.

Following nine dance sessions during the hour, the show was over and the Gophers headed to the back room to sign the studio's Wall of Fame. Other names on the wall included the Minnesota Twins' Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Timberwolves' Ricky Rubio.

The team also go a special visit from one of the patients at the hospital and posed for a quick photo!

Fans can watch the show in its entirety above thanks to the Children's Star Studio! Follow the Children's Star Studio on facebook at and on Twitter @CHCStarStudioMN.


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