Statistically Speaking: Gophers Among National, Big Ten Leaders

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By Jeff Fett, Gopher Basketball Beat Reporter

The Gopher men's basketball team is halfway through the season, and the offense that was projected to be a strength before the season is one that is showing up on the stats sheets.

As a team, the Gophers appear in the top 50 out of 345 teams in the nation in several offensive categories right now. They have also lit up the stat sheet in a few areas on the defensive side as well.

*    Won-lost percentage: 83.3% (24th)
*    Final points: 45th
*    Scoring offense: 76.2 points per game (37th)
*    Scoring margin over opponents: 13.7 points per game (26th)
*    Field goal percentage: 47.1% (31st)
*    Rebound margin over opponents: 9.8 (4th)
*    Assists per game: 16.4 per game (18th)
*    Blocked shots per game: 6.4 per game (8th)
*    Steals per game: 9.6 per game (15th)
Go Gophers! Trevor Mbakwe
Go Gophers!
Mbakwe has ruled the boards in the Big Ten.
Go Gophers!

So far the Gophers are still in the early stages of the Big Ten season, but they are dominating in blocks per game, which they have done for the last five years. They are also tops in the conference in several other categories as seen below.

*    Blocked shots: 6.4 per game
*    Steals: 9.6 per game
*    Offensive rebounds: 16.0 per game
*    Offensive rebound percentage: 47.9%

Statistically, the Gophers have several players in the top 10 in the Big Ten individually, primarily led by senior forwards Trevor Mbakwe and Rodney Williams. Sophomore guard Andre Hollins is also lighting up the stat sheet in several categories as well.

*    Scoring: Andre Hollins-14.3 points per game (10th)
*    Field goal percentage: Mbakwe- 58.3% (5th), Williams-53.1% (9th)
*    Assists: Andre Hollins-3.7 per game (9th)
*    Free throw percentage: Andre Holins-77.2% (10th)
*    Steals: Austin Hollins-2.1 steals per game (2nd), Joe Coleman-1.6 steals per game (9th)
*    3-point field goal percentage: Andre Hollins- 42.9% (5th), Austin Hollins-41.0% (10th)
*    3-point field goals made: Andre Hollins-2.0 per game (t-8th)
*    Blocked shots: Mbakwe-1.7 per game (3rd), Williams-1.4 (4th)
*    Rebounds: Mbakwe-8.2 per game (t-1st)
*    Offensive rebounds: Mbakwe-3.2 per game (1st), Williams 2.8 per game (2nd)
*    Defensive rebounds: Mbakwe-5.0 per game (6th)

In the conference-only standings, the Gophers top several statistical categories.
*    3-point field goal percentage: 46.8%
*    Assists: 16.2 per game
*    Rebounding margin: 8.8 per game
*    Blocks: 6.0 per game
*    Offensive rebounds: 14.2 per game
*    Offensive rebounding percentage: 45.2%
*    Rebounds: Mbakwe-10.8 per game
*    Offensive rebounds: Mbakwe-4.4 per game
*    Defensive rebounds: Mbakwe-6.4 per game
*    3-point field goal percentage: Austin Hollins-59.3%
*    3-point field goals: Austin Hollins-3.2 per game

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