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Rachel Banham, a member of the Univeristy of Minnesota women's basketball team, recently took time out of her busy schedule to visit with fourth graders from a local elementary school. During her visit, Banham talked about school, basketball and answered any questions that the youngsters had for her on numerous topics.

As most Golden Gopher fans know, Banham prides herself on being a leader on the basketball court, but, as proved by her appearance in that fourth-grade classroom, Banham also strives to be a role model off of the court, as well. Her desire comes from the example her own role models, her parents, set for her as she was growing up.

"A role model is someone people look up to and admire for all of their hard work, positivity and their will to never give up, and for me, that was my parents" Banham said. "They made me who I am today by being amazing parents and police officers. They taught me how to be tough, but loving, and positive, but honest."

Banham was very fortunate to have such great mentors in her young life, and now she is paying it forward to lucky youngsters in the Twin Cities area.

Check out the above video and photo gallery (huge thanks to Jess Lemanski and Danye Guinn!) to see how much love Banham received from the fourth graders!  



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