Gophers Recall Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

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On behalf of everyone at Gopher Football, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spoke with a few Gophers and asked them what their favorite Thanksgiving memory is.

Brock Vereen - "We would always have a Turkey Bowl and it would start off as flag football but would always escalate to a little bit more."

Harold Legania - "Being with my family and eating wonderful food."

Troy Stoudermire - "Being home with my family eating dinner. I had a chance to eat a lot of Thanksgiving dinners with my family so whenever I get a chance to go back it's a good time."

Max Shortell - "Getting ready to play in the State Championship Game that we won pretty easily."

Kyle McAvoy - "Probably how welcoming the guys around here were. I didn't get a chance to go home so a lot of the guys invited me over to their place and I got a chance to eat with them and some of their families."

Caleb Bak - "Probably would have to be the mashed potatoes."

Victor Keise - "Honey glazed ham by my mom. It's been a while since I got to go home though."

Jeremy Baltazar - "My favorite memory is probably just my family and all my cousins just laughing and stuff before we eat."

Theiren Cockran - "Probably a couple of years ago having all of my family over and just sitting at the table, giving thanks for what we have, and eating some of that delicious food from the south."

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