Gophers at the Four Nations Cup (Nov. 7)

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Hello from Finland!

Today in Finland, we had the same routine as Tuesday. We woke up had breakfast, some meetings and then it was game time.

We ate our pregame meal at 10 a.m., and I made the mistake of having coffee with my meal. Let's just say coffee, pasta and salad does not mix well! After our meal, I just laid around, listened to music and hung out before we departed for the rink. At the rink, I like to joke around and sing and dance as part of my pregame routine, so I stay loose and have fun.

It is nice to have current and old gophers on this team. However, a little fun fact is that I spend a lot of time with a current rival and Wisconsin Badger, Brianna Decker. I have known her since I was young, and we are really good friends despite having the bitter rivalry.

It was a tough game today versus Canada as it did not go in our favor. We suffered a 

3-1 loss, but the good thing is we can move on and learn from that game.

Tomorrow, we have an off day from games, but we will keep busy since our schedule is jam packed with activities and meetings.

Have a great day!

Amanda Kessel

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