Kill Previews Saturday's Game At Wisconsin

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Coach Kill met with the media today to preview this weekend's game at Wisconsin. You can read a few of the highlights from his press conference below. You can also read a transcript of his entire press conference here.

On Saturday's game...
"Looking forward to this weekend's game, a huge game for us, big rivalry game.  It's what college football is all about.  And the biggest thing is it gives us an opportunity to get out and get better.  That's what you try to do each week."

On a weekend phone call...
"I won't tell you who I called; I haven't talked on the phone much since Saturday, but I picked up the phone to call somebody that I respect.  He's coached this game for a tremendous amount of years, and I was talking to him about our situation a little bit, and I'd like to say it was my words, but it's his.
"He says, "Coach," he said, "you're just about where you are when you turn a program around."  I said, "what's that?"  He said, "When you first get into a program, you're just not very darn good."  Then he said, "then you start progressing a little bit and you start winning some and then you start thinking maybe we're pretty good, and then all of a sudden, you know, you win a few games, but you just can't quite get over the corner, and then frustration comes in."  He said, "That's kind of where you're at.  And then the third thing is when you get that program built, then you just find ways to win.  You don't find ways to lose."
"So I think we're in that situation right now, that we're a little bit frustrated because we just can't make a play or two or we can't do the fundamental things that you'd like to do to take that next step.  I said all along we don't have any margin for error and we've made some errors that are fundamental that hurt you."

On the team...
"Our kids have had good attitudes.  They had good attitudes on Sunday, and we're so darn young I don't think they know any better.  So they're looking forward to practice and getting better."

On the health of his team...
"Ed Olson is very questionable and probably won't play.  Devin Tufts is questionable and probably won't play.  Derrick Wells has a laceration on his knee.  Hopefully we can get him healed up to where he's able to go.  MarQueis is a question mark.  Isaac Fruechte is a question mark, and Marcus Jones is a question mark. So that's where we're at."

On his healthy wide receivers...

"I think Andre did some good things in the game.  We replaced young with young.  And you know, next guy's gotta step up.  I mean that's their opportunity."

On Wisconsin's running game...
"I think that's just who they are.  I think Wisconsin didn't get where they've been over the last, you know, years without having identity, and their identity is running the football.  And you know, I don't know what happened early in the year.  They made some moves and adjustments and coaching changes and so forth.  And I think that they know what they want to do and how they want to do it.

"But as far as stopping the run game or playing great defense or playing good offense, it comes down to execution.  I mean it isn't complicated.  You gotta do your job and you gotta fit in the right gap and you gotta do your responsibility and not try to do somebody else's and it's a lot easier said than done because they're trying to do the same things and if they beat you to the punch, they beat you to the spot that you're trying to get at, then they're going to have success."
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