Gophers Recall Childhood Halloween Costumes

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Today is Halloween, so we decided to catch up with a few Minnesota football players and find out what their favorite costume was growing up.

Peter Westerhaus: "I was always either a cowboy or a football player"

Joe Bjorklund: "When I was like four years old I was actually a pumpkin. I was painted all orange and had a full pumpkin suit."

KJ Maye: "Superman"

Jonah Pirsig: "I was an M&M"

Dan Orseske: "Sting from WCW"

James Gillum: "Power Rangers"

Andre McDonald: "I actually had a life size Barney doll and I cut the eyes out, took out the stuffing, and made it into a costume."

Josh Campion: "I was Scream back in the day."

Aaron Hill: "My favorite Halloween costume would probably be the Power Rangers."

Theiren Cockran: "Spiderman and Superman."

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