Coach Kill Previews Western Michigan

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Below are a few excerpts from coach Kill's press conference today. You can read the entire transcript from today here.

"I'm very appreciative of the support that we had in the stadium and the students and so forth.  It was a good atmosphere.  Everything I heard, it went good, and so we hope to continue to build off that because that certainly helps the program, helps enthusiasm, and more people, more juice in the stadium, better the players play.

"They're a top tier team in the MAC Conference. Offensively under Coach Cubit, they've always been tremendous, throwing the ball for over 300 yards a game, a football team that's going to be aggressive, attack you and stretch you on the perimeters and do a great job.  He's a great play caller, and we have a great deal of respect for them.
"I think they're starting to understand where we're at and what you have to do.  I think they understand we have no room for error because we've still got a lot of work to do.

"The more pressure you can put on a quarterback, the more uncomfortable they're going to get.  We never let anybody get comfortable last Saturday. I worry about this because Coach Cubit is a smart coach. That ball is going to come out in a hurry on Saturday, so I mean, he's going to get the ball out. They're a quick three, quick five. He's played us, so he's got a good cue on what he needs to do to get that ball out.
"D.L. has improved his athleticism, Ra'Shede has certainly learned to play defensive tackle, and his best years are way ahead of him. He's still learning, but he's continued to get better, and athletically he's gifted, a gifted young man. Roland Johnson coming in, junior college, a part of a junior college that's won all the time. He's used to that. So I think as a group they're playing well at this time, but they still have a lot of work to do, and we'll need that pressure this week and actually over the next two weeks

"We've felt like we needed to get better at corner from a week ago at UNLV, and the guys, Troy and Michael Carter both got a lot better.  They had a good ballgame on Saturday.  And then you throw the other kids in there, and we feel like that group is certainly improved, and it's critical they continue to play well with what we do, and we've got to continue to be able to rush the passer.

"We have a lot of people that are very similar, so if you've got people similar and you play different situations, why not play them, and they'll play faster.  Your morale stays better.  There's a lot of good things to that.

"Right now we're still learning about our team. It's a very young football team. We got better from UNLV, sure, but now we've got to continue to get better. That's how we're going to have to be because we're still, in my opinion from watching film, evaluating where we're at, we have a long, long way to go, and our kids understand that.
"If you physically get whipped, there's nothing you can do about that. You play somebody and they physically whip you, then you'd better get stronger and faster to be able to play the game. But when you mentally, for instance, drop a snap from a quarterback or you jump offsides or you drop a ball or you line up wrong or you blow a coverage, then you beat yourselves, and that's what you can't live with as a coach.
"We have no room for error. We have to play really, really good, clean football to have a chance to be successful with anybody on our schedule. That's just the way it is right now.

"You can't hide from the video. You get that little red pointer, and you go, hey, what's this, explain this to me, and you teach them. This is not what we're looking for. Again, we've got 17  to 22 year old kids, and there's definitely a lot of mental mistakes and things that we need to clean up.

"We did exactly what we needed to do to play against New Hampshire. Could we have thrown it eight or nine, ten more times, possibly, but at the same time didn't want a no huddle team to get on a roll, wanted to try to control the football a little bit, and we seemed to be moving the ball fairly well when we didn't make a mistake or two.

"We don't sit there, try to force feed the ball to somebody. We try to take what the defense gives us. Again, we're playing some young kids in there. That's really been a surprise to our football team. I think our productivity, we've been able to get behind people, we've been able to do some things there. I think we've got some good kids and we're going to throw to the open guy. But so much of our offense is built off of the run and the play action passing game, and you take what they give you.

"That's a big thing on our football team right now for us to be successful, we've got to control field position, and our punter punted it into the wind, and we had 42 net average, which is very good into the wind, and we also had a very good job of catching the punts and returning, which we weren't very good the week before and haven't been very good since I've been here.  So to me those were big improvements because that's what I call hidden yards, and we picked up a lot of yards in the punt game and the punt return game, which is important.  It's a lot easier to score on a shorter field."

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