Quotable Gophers: Emptying The Game Program

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Three home games - and three wins mind you - are in the books. Speaking of books, or game programs, here are some of the Gopher quotables that have run this year in our game-day publication.

Who is the worst singer on the team?

Harold Legania - "We got a lot of pretenders. The worst singers would have to be Mike Carter, Jeremy Baltazar and Donnell Kirkwood."

Max Shortell - "David Cobb without a doubt."

Kyle McAvoy - "Probably my brother Luke"

Dan Orseske - "That would probably be Donnell Kirkwood."

Jeremy Baltazar - "David Cobb by far."

Brock Vereen - "It's a tough competition but I think the winner is James Manuel."

Josh Campion - "Definitely Caleb Bak."

Aaron Hill - "I believe it's Mike Rallis."

Keanon Cooper - "We got a lot of guys on this team that can't sing and I'll admit I'm one of them but I'll go with Mike Carter. He swears he's like Trey Songz or Frank Ocean or somebody."

What position player would you want to take a field goal if need be?

Joe Bjorklund - "I would say probably Foster Bush. I think he would be good at that."

Troy Stoudermire - "I would have to go with MarQueis Gray."

Dan Orseske - "I'll say Max Shortell"

Brock Vereen - "Derrick Wells, sometimes after practice he will just punt on just for fun and he actually has a leg."

Who on the team Tweets too much and why?

Joe Bjorklund - "I'd say Keanon Cooper because he just tweets everything. It doesn't matter what it is he tweets no matter what."

Ed Olson - "I don't want to call anyone out. I just got Twitter so I'll have to check when I get back in."

MarQueis Gray - "Steve Montgomery. He thinks he's like a relationship therapist so he has to answer to everything."

Jonah Pirsig - "I don't know, I'd have to say Keanon Cooper."

Brock Vereen - "Steve Montgomery. All of his tweets are nonsense."

Keanon Cooper - "I've been hearing that people have been saying it's me, but I'd have to go with Steve Montgomery. I've been Tweeting for like two years now and he's only been tweeting for about a year and he's catching up. I've definitely laid back on Tweeting contrary to popular belief."

What was your favorite NFL Team growing up? And who your favorite player?

Peter Westerhaus - "The Vikings and Jared Allen. I just love the energy he brings and how hard he plays on defense."

Joe Bjorklund - "Chicago Bears were my favorite team and Joe Thomas was my favorite player. He's a Big Ten Player like me and I wear the same number as him."

MarQueis Gray - "My favorite team was the Pittsburgh Steelers and it still is today. I wasn't born in Pittsburgh but my dad was a Steelers fan and it kind of rubbed off on all of us. My favorite player is Big Ben, I have a lot of favorite players but I'll say Big Ben because he's the Steelers quarterback."

Isaac Hayes - "My favorite NFL team was probably the Vikings since they're the hometown team. Favorite player, that's a hard one, I'd have to go with Randy Moss, he was a pretty athletic guy."

Jonah Pirsig - "My favorite team was definitely the Minnesota Vikings. My favorite player was probably Steve Hutchinson just because he played in the Big Ten and was an offensive lineman."

Dan Orseske - "Chicago Bears and Brad Maynard."

Victor Keise - "My favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles to this very day and my favorite player was Donovan McNabb."

Andre McDonald - "Favorite team was the Pittsburgh Steelers and my favorite player was Jerry Rice."

What is the best part of playing at TCF Bank Stadium?

Peter Westerhaus - "It's fun to play with teammates here, it's a great atmosphere, and I'm looking forward to getting it rocking with fans and get some wins."

Donnell Kirkwood - "Just the fans, excitement, and the energy."

MarQueis Gray - "Playing in front of our student section, all our fans, and our family members every Saturday. Plus we got that new scoreboard and the locker room."

Aaron Hill - "The best part is just the outdoor experience. Night games are probably the best I would say."

Keanon Cooper - "Just the environment and the weather changes. When it gets to the end of the season when it gets cold outside you have an advantage over the opponent. The last two years we won our last couple games at home and the weather has definitely been a part of that. Our fans come out to support us through whatever weather it is. When it gets to the end of November we definitely have that home field advantage."

What is your favorite saying from Coach Kill or one of the other coaches?

Peter Westerhaus - "I love it when coach Kill says 'You're as soft as ice cream.' He'll say that sometimes."

Joe Bjorklund - "You'll get an apple and a road map from Coach Kill."

Kyle McAvoy - "My favorite saying is probably from coach Limegrover  in reference to what he wants us to do as a defensive line and it's, "Total and utter annihilation."

Brock Vereen - "One that I can put on record? Just our team slogan from coach Kill, 'I hear what you say, I trust what you do.' It just defines us."

If you didn't play football what sport would you play?

Donnell Kirkwood - "I think I would box"

Ed Olson - "Probably baseball. I grew up playing baseball and I always loved pitching. It was a lot of fun, a lot of team camaraderie."

Troy Stoudermire - "I would probably run track because I'm really fast."

Caleb Bak - "I probably wouldn't be playing a sport."

Victor Keise - "Probably bowling. Nice and easy, laid back, can't go wrong."

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