New Gopher Q&A - Lincoln Plsek

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Go Gophers! Lincoln Plsek
Go Gophers!
Freshman Lincoln Plsek and the gophers begin Fall camp on Saturday
Go Gophers!
As the beginning of the season draws closer GopherSports continues our series of interviews with the incoming freshman class. Next up on tap is Lincoln Plsek, an athlete from Reicher High School in Waco Texas.

Plsek played many positions in high school so it is still unclear exactly where he will play in Maroon and Gold. He was rated a 3 star prospect by Rivals and ESPN and unrated by Scout. He is considered a very versatile and athletic player with a large frame.

GophersSports: What led to you deciding to become a Golden Gopher and how does it feel to be one?

Plsek: "I really love the coaching staff and Coach Kill appealed to me. That hit the nail on the head for me, once I came up here I didn't want to go anywhere else."

GophersSports: How are you enjoying campus so far?

Plsek: "I love it. I love the atmosphere up here, it's a great campus. I'm really close to all of my classes and to the complex so it's easy to get around, I'm enjoying it.

GophersSports: What, if anything, has surprised you about campus?

Plsek: "I guess just how many people are just sitting outside on the grass and how easy going everyone is. Everyone will wave or just say hey, everyone is really nice."

GophersSports: Do you have a planned major yet?

Plsek: "I'm thinking chemical engineering, but that might change."

GophersSports: You are currently being listed as an athlete, what are you hearing about how you will be utilized?

Plsek: "I'm probably going to play tight end, but we'll see how it goes."

GophersSports: What are your goals for the upcoming season and for your college career?

Plsek: "I hope to play this season, but if that's not an opportunity then I'll redshirt, get better, and help the team anyway that I can. As far as goals for my career I want to at least win a Big Ten Championship by the time I leave this place."

GophersSports: Is there a particular athlete you try to model yourself after?

Plsek: "Not really. I watch a lot of teams as a whole, but I don't really watch any certain person."

GophersSports: What is your biggest strength in your opinion and what do you need to improve on?

Plsek: "I need to get quicker laterally. I feel like I have good speed but I need to get more agile and quick."

GophersSports: How do you feel about the new uniforms?

Plsek: "They're awesome. When I watched the video I was just blown away. I like the Maroon ones, they're really cool."

GophersSports: What number will you be wearing this fall?

Plsek: "85, that's what was given to me."

GophersSports:  Is there any certain music you listen to to get psyched up for games?

Plsek: "Normally rap music, like Hip Hop."

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