Gophers Meet Media in Advance of UNLV

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Read coach Kill's entire interview here or just skim the highlights we pasted below.

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Coach Kill

"We're looking forward to going out to the desert and kind of seeing where we're at.

"And we're looking forward to it, and I know the kids are probably at a point where we've been hitting each other, and I think they're looking forward to hitting somebody else. 

"We're a huge unknown because we're sitting here taking a very, very young team.  I think on our travel list we have 12 seniors, so we're a very young football team.

"We're going to the desert.  You look, it's going to be 90 degrees.  We're going to have to be two deep in everywhere we go and they're going to have to play and through that I think we'll sort some things out from playing.

"We're building a program, and this is our second year with one recruiting class, and so you know, we're trying to take the next step forward.

"I'm excited for them, and I'm certainly    you know, feel good about their preparation at this point in time.  I feel like they've done everything we've asked.  So I think the harder you prepare, the better you feel going into a game, so I think our preparation to this point has been good.

"We've had a few warm days, but nothing like you're going to have out there.  There's no way you can prepare for something like that.

"Playing on Thursday night, being the opening to college football, all those things help and certainly in recruiting.  Certainly throughout the country.  And it does nothing but help the University of Minnesota.

"This is the fun time.  This is the preparation and then they just got to go out and do it.  Games are won or lost right now in the preparation part.

"I think any time you got a quarterback (Nick Sherry) like that, you want to keep him off balance and don't want him to get comfortable.  Keep him uncomfortable as much as you can.

"But again, they got a quarterback also on their roster that's played. I've known Coach Hauck a long time.  So I know he's a good ball coach, and all the stuff that's being said, you better be prepared for both of them, just not one of them.  So we'll prepare for both.

"(Coach Hauck) is doing the same type of thing we're trying to do here, trying to turn around a program and create a positive culture and those kind of things.

"I talked to him (coach Hauck)    we were together in Arizona visiting each other at a function, and I talked to him quite a long time, and I think he really feels like    he's been there for two years. This is year three.  This is where he feels like they can make a big jump.  They've had some younger kids, feels like they're starting to buy into what they're doing, so I think he feels good about where they're headed, and I think they feel much better about their defense.

"The first game, I think that's why coaches' stomachs are rolling a little bit now, and get a little nervous because you just don't know what the unexpected is going to be.

"I'm just glad we're getting to play.  Would I like to play them all at home?  You bet.  I mean opportunities    when you play at home, your chances for winning are a lot better when you're playing at home, certainly in the first game.

"We got a great opportunity.  We're playing Thursday night, on TV; opening up college football.  It's a great opportunity for our school.

"I think we've got a lot of people going out there. If you're going to play one on the road there's a lot of people enjoy Vegas.  Besides football, there may be some out there right now as we speak enjoying Las Vegas."

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