Gophers Chime In On Favorite Olympic Sport

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Go Gophers! Ed Olson
Go Gophers!
Ed Olson says he has enjoyed watching badminton during the Summer Olympics.
Go Gophers!
The world is watching the Summer Olympics in London right now, and Minnesota football players are no exception. We talked to a few Gophers to see what their favorite sport of the games has been so far. 

Harold Legania: "I've been keeping up with the basketball."

Ed Olson: "I actually watched badminton the other day. I thought I was good at badminton back in physical education class but they took it to another level."

Troy Stoudermire: "My favorite sport to watch was the 4x100m relay with Michael Phelps in it. That was really exciting and even though we lost it was still a good effort."

KJ Maye: "I've been watching the basketball and swimming so far. The basketball has been my favorite."

Max Shortell: "I've liked watching the women's beach volleyball."

Kyle McAvoy: "Probably the men's gymnastics. It's pretty impressive what those guys can do."

Caleb Bak: "Anything with gymnastics is always fun."

Josh Campion: "I watched the beach volleyball the other and that was pretty good."

Theiren Cockran: "USA Olympic basketball"

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