Gophers Address Media Before Fall Camp

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Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill and four players met with the media today to preview the 2012 season. The Gophers will gather for a team meeting this evening and then begin fall camp in earnest at 10:25 a.m. on Saturday at the Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex.

Some Kill highlights from today's press conference:

"We're looking forward to getting our kids in and going through the orientation part of our program, then our rookies practicing on Friday, and getting started with our whole team on Saturday.

"I think that we sold a strong vision a year ago of kind of where we wanted to go in the program. I don't think we've come off that. I think that probably the most important thing, I think, as a head coach or assistant coaches, our strength coaches, we've got the continuity. We didn't lose any of that continuity, so the vision stayed the same. I think we're just all much more comfortable with each other. The players, the coaches, and what we're trying to accomplish is much better.

"We've got to move the program forward and continue to get better. As long as we continue to make strides to get better and continue to build a foundation of the program and move it forward, that is what we're here to do. Again, nothing is a quick fix. It takes time. I'm cautiously optimistic of the way our kids are working. We're certainly looking forward to the season.

"The biggest thing he (MarQueis Gray) needed to do here in the summertime was make sure he did a good job of leading the kids in the weight room and throwing the football. The other thing is getting himself in tremendous conditioning to stay healthy because that's critical. That's really why you do all the off season stuff.  Not only do you get bigger and stronger, you're trying to prevent injury. So he has to be very healthy going into camp and continuing to stay that way with all of our players.

"I think where we need to find some play makers and see what they do is wide receiver. I think that's a critical position for us. I think we've got some young people that we recruited. I think we've got some kids coming back. Are there going to be young freshman that can learn quick? I don't know. We'll have to see. We'll have to force feed some of that. But we need some guys that are going to be dynamic play makers to go up and get a ball and go make a play.

"I think any time you win and you win your last game, I think that jump starts you.  I think if you deny that, I don't think you'd be very truthful. I felt great for the seniors that were leaving the program. It was great for them because of the sacrifice they had to make with the coaching change and what they went through. And it was great for the players in the program to know if we do what we're asked to do, this is what can happen.  

"Playing on a Thursday night, we get to open up college football. I think that is a big deal for our program. It's a good deal for our players.

"We only have ten seniors I believe it is. We're a young, young football team. We're fully youthed, so to speak. But young, hungry guys that are looking forward to going to work."

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