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Go Gophers! Team at Hoops Scramble X
Go Gophers!
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I wasn't really sure what to expect this morning as I was driving down 35W toward Lakeville for the Hoops Scramble X at Crystal Lake Golf Club. I knew that the event was going to be a good time with great people, but what I wasn't expecting was how MUCH fun it was going to be.  

Between the players, coaching staff, Fast Break Club members, boosters and Gopher fans, it definitely seemed like everyone was enjoying a day on the links.

As golfers made their way to Hole #2, they were greeted by Katie Loberg, Rachel Banham, Kionna Kellogg, Micaella Riche and Mikayla Bailey, who were selling raffle tickets, autographing mini basketballs and mingling with whoever came by to visit them.

Steering their carts toward the pin, those same golfers were met by Leah Cotton, Sari Noga, Amber Dvorak and assistant coach Ted Riverso, who congratulated each player that managed to keep their drive on the green.

One of the best moments of the day was when each player took a turn trying to hit the ball off of the tee. Bailey's stroke was impressive... as for the rest? They have just a tad more work to do before joining the LPGA! However, they kept everyone entertained.  

As an obeserver, it is so refreshing to see how much the student-athletes appreciate the support that they receive from their fans. They truely enjoyed the time they were able to spend with them today, and I'm sure their supporters felt the same way.  

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