Freshman Profile: Eric Murray

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Fall Camp

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Go Gophers! Eric Murray
Go Gophers!
Freshman Eric Murray has impressed the coaching staff with his speed in fall camp.
Go Gophers!
Coach Jerry Kill has mentioned Eric Murray--and how fast he is--a few times when speaking with the media after fall camp practices this year. The freshman from Wisconsin played mostly wide receiver in high school, but has switched to cornerback as a Golden Gopher. We caught up with Murray to find out what he is all about.  

GopherSports: What ultimately led to you choosing to become a Golden Gopher and how does it feel to be one?

Eric Murray: "The decision came from the coaching staff, they're pretty cool. I like everything about them, like working hard and stuff. I feel really good about the decision. It's been a nice little transition from high school to here. I'm being taken care of so it's good."

GopherSports: How are you enjoying campus so far?

Murray: "Campus is great, It has an amazing feel to it."

GopherSports: What, if anything, has surprised you about campus so far?

Murray: "Just how big it is, it's huge."

GopherSports: Do you have a planned major yet?

Murray: "I plan on majoring in biology."

GopherSports: What are your goals for the upcoming season and for your college career?

Murray: "hopefully I can get some playing time this year. Later on I'm looking to work my way in as a long-term starter."

GopherSports: Is there any extra motivation for when you play against Wisconsin since you are from there?

Murray: "No, not really. I have motivation against them since I play for Minnesota now."

GopherSports: Is there a particular athlete you try to model yourself after?

Murray: "Not really, I just try to work hard and push myself as far as I can go."

GopherSports: What is your biggest strength in your opinion and what do you need to improve on?

Murray: "I need to improve on my technique as a defensive back since it's my first year at the position. My strength is probably my biggest strength. I'm pretty big for a DB, I'm long and tall."

GopherSports: You are wearing No. 31 this year. Why is that?

Murray: "That's what I got."

GopherSports: Is there any certain music you listen to to get psyched up for games?

Murray: "I like to listen to a lot of Wiz Khalifa, I like everything he says."

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